No Dust Bag Behavior

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  1. I am going to go on a rant here.....I do not understand why sooooo many people are selling very nice designer bags without dust bags. What happened to the dust bag and how have they been storing the bag. I picture them just tossing it in their closet with no regard to the bag. Did they sell the dust bag to make a couple extra bucks or throw it away. I am very perplexed by this "No dust bag" behavior. I once asked why they did not have the tags or the dust bag and the reply I received was "the bag is used and does not come with those items".:wtf:
    I buy designer bags and immediately put the tags, receipt etc. in the dust bag. When and if I sell the bag it may be used but I still have everything. Maybe I am just too AR regarding this but for the love of handbags, KEEP THE TAGS ABD DUST BAG. There I am done and thanks for listening.:idea:
  2. I expect to receive a dust bag if I'm buying a brand new bag from a store or website, but I don't expect one if buying on ebay. I don't use them, so it doesn't matter to me whether it comes with one or not. If a bag I buy does come with one, I don't throw it away. I know it's a plus to some buyers, so I'll hang onto it in case I ever want to sell the bag in the future. I think there are alot of people who either toss or sell them, because like me, they don't use them. I have a closet that is dedicated to bags and belts, and since I change out my bags so often, sometimes daily, I don't want to be bothered with taking them out and putting them in bags!
  3. I guess I am OCD about the dust bags. I always worry about buckles etc. scratching other bags so I always store them in the original dust bag stuffed with tissue paper. At least Huskylover keeps the bags. If I buy the bag without one then I have to go try and buy a dustbag. See there I go on a rant again. I do know when I sell the bags I buy from retailers with the receipt, tags and dust bag I can usually get a little more money and people appreciate it.
  4. Hi I do use my dust bags when my bags are not in use, rotating them. But I did purchase a Kooba Marcell, I just sold her and listed it without the dust bag because I never got one as when I purchased it they didn't send me a dustbag, so I bought it used. I got a good price on a bag I adored so not very tiffy about it. The thing I did was, usually I am always carrying one bag, so I have an empty dust bag, so my Marcelle would go into that one. I guess it depends how you are about the whole deal with the dust bag and all. Now why you wouldn't include it it you were reselling, I don't know. The only thing I can come up with is that they may want to sell it seperate for more money on ebay, as I have seen dustbags just alone on there or maybe they keep one for a spare.
  5. I get rid of all of my dustbags. I hate having them all over the place and have no use for them. I have a special bag closet with hooks in the top to hang all of my bags so they don't get misshapen and I can see clearly what I want to when picking out another bag. What a buyer does with their dustbag or tags after they OWN their bag is up to them.

    It's really no ones business what people are doing with their dustbags. When you buy a bag on ebay you are buying a bag, in the condition that is displayed or described. A dustbag doesn't change that. If the auction says it's included and it isn't, well that's another story.

    I think if you find an auction you want and it doesn't have a dustbag, simply don't buy it and find another auction that does.

    The only dustbags I keep are LV, Jimmy Choo, and Prada ones because they put more of a claim to their authenticity although I really would like to get rid of them because I have no thoughts on ever selling these bags.
  6. I use dustbags for all my handbags because they sit on a shelf in my closet and I don't want them to get scratched by other bags. Also, Saudi Arabia is a very dusty place, so my bags need extra protection. However, if I buy a bag that is listed without a dustbag it's no big deal (so long as the bag is authentic), I simply use a pillowcase to protect it.

    The only time I've asked a seller about a dustbag was when she listed a brand new Kooba bag on eBay to INCLUDE a dustbag, but it didn't arrive with the bag. Fortunately the seller obliged and forwarded the dustbag to me.

    I like to have the dustbags, but it's not a deal breaker if a bag is listed without. One day I hope to be in a country where there's less dust and more options to hang up my bags like Lexie does, that sounds practical.
  7. I have a "thing" about dustbags too. I just have to have one that matches the bag. I only have one bag without the matching sleeper and that is a F & C. I was told that they don't have sleepers so the SA gave me a big LAMB sleeper to store it in.
  8. your closet sounds great! do you have pix of it anywhere on the forum i would love to see it!....that is my dream to have my bags hanging and easily accessible daily etc..
    and i agree i guess dustbags are a personal thing either you like them or you don't
    i have lost some of the older ones and the recent ones i keep in case i want to sell a bag ...but bags that i KNOW i love and will NEVER SELL i just put the dustbag inside of the bag to store it ...

    as for ebay, if i LOVE the bag i am buying i don't care about the dustbag as long as the bag is in good condition!
  9. I don't have any pics of it but if you have an extra closet that you can spare or even half a closet, and perhaps have one of those racks for hanging clothes along the top, all I did was go to Walmart and bought dozens of S hooks and put them 3 deep and as many across as I needed. I can slide the bags left to right or hang them in order of color or use. The closet is enclosed so no dust is involved. The rack across the top holds boxes for ones I might sell, and I don't have to put any bags on the floor of the closet. This room is a "cat free" bedroom but I have heard horror stories of cat's peeing in expensive bags on this forum and I do have one cat who loves laying on my leather bags, so no bags on floors in this house because just my luck....
  10. I noticed that one time I was interested in a bag, fendi I think, and no dust bag. It seems she lost it. I feel that if I'm paying a lot for a bag I would also like the dust bag but if it was a good deal and a bag I gotta have I wouldn't care so much I guess. About the cat thing, I think about the same thing. I store my bags in a amoire which when left open my cat loves to sneak into!
  11. I have a few bags which came without dust bags. Either from sample sales or from the Bay. I went into Linen and Things and found some cream flannel cotton pillow cases at 75% off clearance and use these along with a drawstring closure and a Christmas gift tag to identify the bags.
  12. I had a bag or two that came without a dust bag also. I just hate having to buy it seperately. I am being a rag about it.
  13. I did the same thing. Purchased a kate spade bag on ebay w/no dustbag so just used a pillow case - better than nothing, right?
  14. I keep most of the bags I'm not wearing in their dustbags. Now that I've got used to dustbags, I find 'resting' handbags look strange without them. But I HAVE noticed people on eBay selling designer dustbags on their own! Maybe that's why some sellers of handbags don't supply dustbags with purchases. Also, I once bought a Billy Bag in TK Maxx and it had no dustbag. I just presumed that Billy Bags don't have them, until I saw them elsewhere, and realized they have very nice dustbags with a dog on the front. But I didn't bother contacting TK Maxx to enquire about my missing dustbag. It seemed slightly petulant.
  15. I just bought a Prada bag at Neiman's and when it arrived at my house, there was no dustbag. So I called and was informed that the sale bags rarely come with them since they are lost along the way and Neiman's has no extras. I guess if a store can't even guarantee it, I can understand how people lose the dust bags over time