No Doubt Reunion

  1. They're recording together again! This picture was taken yesterday. My inner 12 year old is so happy!


    I can't wait to hear their new stuff! :heart::heart:
  2. OOh kewl !!! Thanks for posting.
  3. i am pleasantly surprised... and i'm looking forward to it!
  4. Awesome! No Doubt was my favourite band growing up.
  5. awwww im so glad. i was wondering what the bandmates were doing after Gwen went solo.

    I love the outfit that Gwen is wearin.
  6. Wonderful news!!!
  7. Yay!!!!! I loved them!
  8. Yay, this is such great news :O) I love Gwen, and though i havn't been super fond of her solo music i've been supporting her all the way just hoping there would be new ND material at the end of the tunnel :yes::heart:
  9. yay! :yahoo:do you know when its supposed to come out? ahhh, i love gwen..i saw her in concert on tuesday :woohoo:
  10. Sweet! That would be great! :yes:
  11. Yeah!!! I love No Doubt! We have tiks for her concert at Verizon/Irvine! Can't wait!!
  12. I love them! The best thing EVER was when I was an extra in the Super Bowl halftime show when the Super Bowl was here a couple of years ago. I got to be literally FEET from No Doubt and Sting.
    I can't wait for ND's new CD!!
  13. I am so excited!! I am glad the they are teaming up again. I am a big fan of their music and will definitely be buying that cd!!!
  14. cool!! can you believe that I've spent the last week listening to "Don't speak" and now I read this?? wow I'm a psychic!
  15. that is great news!
    can't wait to hear their new album :jammin: