"No display bags please"

  1. I have noticed when I purchase over the phone I have to stress that they don't send me a display bag. Is this normal? I know for some it doesn't matter but my experiences with display bags have been 1) scratched hardware and 2) nail marks on the lambskin. I just ordered a bag OTP yesterday and the SA was going to ship a display bag and was a bit upset that she had to go in the back and search for one in a box. During a previous purchase over the phone I specifically requested no display bag and it came with the price tag cut as if it was a gift for someone prior to my purchase and no paper on the chain hardware. I am still green when it comes to Chanel. What do you ladies think?

  2. when i ordered my bags from NM, my price tags were cut off too (the price part) and my baby cabas box was missing. i made my SA send me the box b/c i specifically told her that i want my bags to have their boxes and all tags. i didn't see that as a major problem though (but i understand that everyone would like to have their purchases perfect, esp for the amount of moola spent on these bags!) b/c i checked the condition of the bags and they were pretty okay (i gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were brand new although they were transfered from other stores. i had a little problem with my navy jumbo though). i don't think the main problem is on the packaging or whatever, IMO it's more of the quality issues that are bugging me right now.
  3. I couldn't agree more!:sad:

  4. Hmm, I think it's a matter of communication with your SA. She's always let me decide if it's come down to the very last bag in the boutique - the display bag. She knows that I want a bag in tip top condition with box, tag and papers. If I'm absolutely desparate for a handbag (and she knows when that is.) She'll describe the bag down to the gnats knees for me and let me decide.

    But I don't see that anyone should just ship you the display bag without talking about it first. There's just too much $ involved for anything but perfect.
  5. please don't take this as me wanting to argue, I really don't, just curious is all :yes:
    But I find it very ironic that you told someone in another thread it's fine to use a bag for a few months and then take it back, but you have an issue w/ an SA sending you a bag that isn't used, but was on display:confused1:
  6. ^^^
  7. I never told her it was fine to return her bag. I simply advised her on how to return it. It's not my place to judge someone on a message board I hardly know. On a separate note, I think it's dishonest for a reputable store to ship an item to a customer who has not seen the bag IRL. The customer is dependent on the merchant to send a quality, undamaged product. I feel this should be communicated in advance of the shipment. I'm sure I've received a preowned bag, just don't send me one that's damaged. :yes:

  8. Swanky, this is one of the reasons I absolutely HATE Saks, NM, Bergdorf's, etc., very lenient return policy!!!! I believe you should only have 5 days to return "any" item and it must be in absolute, perfect (mint, mint, mint) condition.

    Actually, stores should put a HUGE, UGLY sensor on their bags, etc., in a very prominent spot that could never be hidden. If the sensor was removed then the item couldn't be returned - period!

    If a store sells someone a display item, they should disclose that info up front and sell it with a nice discount!

  9. My bag from NM there was no Chanel tag, just a NM tag and the box didn't match the hologram number (although the hologram number looked right and did match the authenticity card). It looked in great condition (I think it is black washed/distressed caviar). I figured it may have returned and yes would have appreciated being asked if I minded, but since it was from last year I think, and I really wanted it, I was just so happy to find it!
  10. Interesting. I would not buy the expensive items Saks, NM, etc., sell unless these stores had gracious customer service. I wouldn't call a "huge, ugly sensor" and a 5-day return policy at all gracious. I don't think it's an issue with the return policy itself as it is with the staff who are allowing obviously used items to make their way back to the sales floor.
  11. It seems that an overall policy of the SA telling you that this is the last bag, it's a display bag & here are the flaws, would be a good thing.
    However, we know those SA's are under tremendous pressure to meet certain sales quotas, so it's understandable how one could neglect to tell you.
    I blame those sales quotas. Not saying it's right, it just is what it is.
    Can you tell that I worked at a dept. store once upon a time?
  12. A sales associate at NM once told me that they are required to take the brand tag off the bag and place it in the inside pocket of the bag. I'm not sure if all NM stores do this but I have received brand new in box Chanel bags (wrapped handles and all) with the brand tag off (same with Chloe when I used to buy Chloe - the Chloe tags were always inside the pocket). Sometimes there weren't even NM price tags attached, yet the bag was still new and unused.

    And no, I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for a non-display bag or accessory. I always ask, and if the s/a makes it sounds like she is doing me a favor by checking I say something like, "It's okay, you don't have to look if you're busy; I can call another store", and they always end up looking. :smile:

    Yes, the sales quotas can create a lot of pressure and stress on s/a's, not to mention competition amongst the s/a's which can sometimes transfer over to customers in the form of not getting what is expected/asked for. I blame the company for fostering what can be an unhealthy/unhappy work environment for employees.
  13. I once ordered a brown caviar flap from a NM out of state. I asked the SA to make sure the authenticity card was there, the price tag was attached, it had it's dust bag and it's box.

    What I got was a bag that had an authenticity card that didn't match the bag, a price tag that was attached but with the price cut off, and a Chanel box, but it didn't have the item number or picture on it (which would be ok with me). It did have it's dust bag though.

    As I took the bag out of the box, I then noticed the leather and chain strap had a kink in it that I couldn't get to lay flat, and I tried. I ended up returning it to my local NM and since then I try to just buy bags from the boutique.

    How could that SA send me a bag with an auth card that didn't match?:confused1: I was so pissed at that :cursing:. Are they so lazy they don't even look?:sad: Or they just don't care. Well, she lost her commission with me and any future sale I would have been happy to give her.

    The bag did look brand new though, if it was a return or a used bag I could not tell. It did look new.
  14. Gosh, seems to me that bags should be like electronics: 10% discount for the floor model!

  15. I've gotten up to 25% off for a floor model, but that was in person and I asked if there was a discount. They were high end designers in great condition.