No desire for more LV handbags....

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  1. anyone else feeling this way??? I am suprised but, my desire for LV handbags has subsided...handbags in general..I have 6 LV handbags and some accessoires...I do still desire LV accessoires though...I am at a point where quality out weights quanity...I never use any of my 6 gucci's or my Prada's or MJ's...for the most part I carry my speedy everyday....I think I have too many bags and it is a bit of a waste because I am awful at agenda from LV is all I really need....I have 15 handbags and 6 of those are LV...15 handbags is nuts...I think it is too much and too materialistic...a collection of 5 or 6 gorgeous bags would be much better for me....I still love LV I just have more than enough and do not want any more bags....
  2. I just started collecting LV late last year, so I still want more LV. LOL. Your collection is large and I have a lot of catching up to you and others PFers. Although, I can symphatize on your view of having too many on certain things (bags, shoes, etc) and not being used as it can be viewed as materialistic and wasteful at times. Enjoy your collection for now and when you catch the shopping bug again, hit the boutique. ;)
  3. I know how you're feeling LVpug...well not totally cuz I get into moods like that...where I say, when i get my LH that will be it! But then all these things to get BEFORE the LH keeps popping I dunno if I'll ever get to buy my reach the "I"M DONE...for a longer-than-usual-while"
  4. I still want MORE!
  5. Just enjoy what you have. I don't plan on buying anything for a while and I don't even have as much as you do. I'm sure I will in the future but no need to rush into buying something until I really want it.
  6. I do for awhile, particularly when they don't come out with anything great. However, when that happens, I just switch over to Chanel for a bit, then go back to LV. Or I buy accessories. I can't wait to see the F/W runway show though, I hope there are some good things in it.
  7. When I don't want LV, it's because I want a Balenciaga or vice versa. Or maybe some jewelry. Different moods I guess. I also carry the same bag everyday, but I don't have that many.
  8. I want more but I have seven and rotate everyday so I am content...for
  9. I know how you feel! I only want maybe 1 or 2 more bags, and I think that's its for me for quite a while. It works out though, since I need to start paying back student loans :push:
  10. I was in that mode for a bit, and quite 'down' on LV and drifted to Balenciaga. Needless to say, I'm back to LV again but still have a crush on's kinda like the relationship that Kate Moss has with that Pete Dougherty guy. Go figure. I guess that's why they call it an addiction!
  11. I know exactly how you feel~:yes:!! I was at LV yesterday, and my SA was so sweet and spend almost an hour bring out new bags for me to try on. But for the first time, I didn't want any. Still waiting for my fuschia neo speedy to arrive, then I'm DONE:wlae:!!!
  12. I know how you feel! Except that I don't have enough LVs yet, hehe.
    Not counting pochettes and accesories, so far I have just 3 LV bags each for work (mary kate cabas), dress (roxbury), and now weekend /work (riveting, yay!). I'm just eyeing something in Amarante cos I love the colour and to alternate it for all occasions. And I'd probably add one more gym item...maybe the Tobago shoe bag, if it's still at the stores :sad:
  13. I go back and forth.. my want/need for LV died down when I came back form HK in November.. and then the Pomme came out, and all hell broke loose and I bought the Pomme Pochette Wallet & Flat Purse.. LOL.. Right now I'm gravitating toward Gucci.. but LV keeps pulling me back!!
  14. I hope one day I will be able to say that. At the moment, I spend far too much on LV's.
  15. i feel the same way.... unfortunately -_-"

    now i'm only into small accessories and bbags!