No Dentelle Cles


    Thank you for your email reminder. Please feel free to call me at 866-884-8866 x _____ at your convenience to discuss the Monogram Dentelle Collection and which item you are interested in. Currently, there is not a piece called the "Cles" however there are four styles of handbags and three wallets. I would be happy to locate, if possible, any of these items.

    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Bxxxx xxxxxxx

    Training Coordinator
    Louis Vuitton North America

  2. Yes, too bad...
  3. Yeah... Another member went to the boutique and confirmed there would not be a cles.
  4. Booo! That sukx.
  5. its the only piece i really wanted...
  6. ^^ perhaps you should ask for a pochette cles
  7. The cles is a piece I would've considered buying too :crybaby:
  8. That's sad! I wish having a Dentelle Cles. It'd be very pretty!
  9. It would make a nice agenda too
  10. :sad: that's a bummer. what are the 3 different wallets though? the pochette and the ludlow i'm aware of...but what's the last one.
  11. ^ pochette zippe is the 3rd style
  12. Yeah... it sucks that there isn't going to be a Dentelle Cles... :sad:
  13. That's such a big disapppointment.
  14. aww, i would've loved to get a piece of the dentelle line, and the cles would be the only piece for me!
  15. awww...