No datecode in my new Bellevue???

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  1. Does anyone else own a Bellevue MM or know where the date code may be??

    I've looked in the lining, inside the pocket and the cell phone pocket and no tag or stamp. I called the store and an SA (not my usual one) said that it should be in there but she doesn't know where. Is this normal??
  2. Don't feel alone----I have the Summit Drive in Amarante and have looked everywhere and still can't find. The bag came from Saks in Dallas, Texas, so I know she is the REAL Deal. Still it bothers me I can't find the date code.
  3. Yeah bothers me too!!

    I'd like to know it's there in case I'd like to resell later on.
  4. Me too! Maybe someone out there can help us?
  5. If its really bother you.. exchange it with another Bellevue MM with Code
  6. I looked at 2 other ones at the same store and neither had any markings.
  7. Have you tried looking along the zipper pull or along the seam of both sides of the bag?
  8. I have a Marina GM and I can't locate the datecode either. So I assumed that all Marina is with datecode until I saw a Marina PM on eBay with a datecode.

    I went back to search and I really can't find any in my Marina GM! Did LV forgot to sew on the datecode?
  9. I just got the vernis pochette wallet and i cant find the date code anywhere!? What's going on....I got it from an LV boutique. I feel stupid going in there and asking..umm where is the date code?
  10. Okay so I took the bag into another shop today (one I bought it from couldn't find it) and it's there. It's stamped right into the canvas lining in the pocket. Along the top right hand corner if you're looking at the lining from the front of the bag. Can't really read it but it's there!
  11. Have you tried searching inside the pocket along the seam on a little piece of leather?

    Try searching along the seams of the wallet. Date codes are always a little harder to find on small leather goods since they are sometimes so close along tht seams and are sometimes colorless. :sweatdrop:


    So the Bellevue's date code is located in the same location as the Vernis Summit Drive:

  12. Is it just me or is it odd they do this now? It's impossible to read direclty off of the lining. How much could a little leather tab cost to put inside?
  13. i think they do this for a reason so that fakes are easier to spot. it took me forever to find the datecode on the violette pochette cles!
  14. oops, i meant the shirley, it took me forever to find the datecode on that
  15. I never did find the date code on the Ursula I once had....never to be found- and I bought that bag a week after it was released last April.