No date code? It’s intentional!

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  1. #1 Apr 4, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2020
    So I ordered a pochette metis reverse mono. It came crooked, with a date code in early 2019 and made in USA. The exchange came but this one didn’t have a date code. It only had the tag saying made in USA of imported materials. So I called into Lv customer service. The CS advised me that many of the new styles now do not have obvious date codes inside the bag to avoid counterfeiting. She told me that this meant that the bag I had was newer, and that the date code is somewhere behind the interior and the bag would have to be taken apart to find it, but that it is still there for repair purposes to be able to identity the bag.

    So to those of you who have been seeing no date code in your bags, don’t worry. The advisor told me that the date codes are inside the bag and one would have to take apart the bag to find it. She said that they are still there so that if a repair as needed the bag is able to be identified but that some of the newer bags in various styles are not coming out with obvious date codes.
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  2. Interesting to see if other new pieces pop up with no visible date codes. You aren’t the first person to mention no visible date code, so there could be some validity to this. It’s just surprising that they would have to take the bag apart to repair something minor to ensure authenticity. I wonder how 3rd party authentication ( fashionphile, etc.)would be possible with this method.
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  3. She did mention that it’s just not visible to avoid counterfeiting, but I’m not sure that they would cut the seams just to find it for a repair. But maybe they would, who knows. She did say it was there if the bag needed to be identified for recall purposes. I’m sure it doesn’t require a literal taking apart of the bag, more of a minor surgery or incision lol
  4. That seems interesting indeed but also a bit concerning. I worry counterfeiters will simply leave off the date code and people will fall for fakes easier (one less indication to look at).
    The buyer wouldn’t know unless they send the bag into LV for repair. I guess that’s not that different than what’s happening now.
    Always get something authenticated before purchasing if unsure!
    I have a feeling we will see many more posts in the future about missing date codes... ;)
  5. Sounds odd, makes it easier for counterfeiters--one less bogus step to do when making a fake BUT a cost cutting step for LV.

    Maybe the hidden date code will be visible with a special UV light or something because I can't see them cutting into the bag's lining first just to replace a handle that's seen better days. But what do I know! :confused1:
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  6. I was thinking the same thing about the UV light or something to that effect. Sounds unfathomable to cut into the bag if it needs exterior repair. It’s like cutting you open to remove an ingrown toenail, gross, but you get the point.
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  7. Perhaps a bit of broken telephone going on- the cs never said anything about cutting, just that the code is there and hidden in the bag “for recall or certain repair purposes.” I don’t think that means they will cut into the bag for a repair necessarily. She just said the bag would have to be taken apart to find it. But that was her wording.

    This actually makes it harder for counterfeiting actually imo as they do not know now where to place the date code and what the codes will look like exactly
  8. This doesn’t make sense to me. I thought the high-end counterfeiters typically reverse engineer theirs by taking apart a real one.
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  9. It may be a way for LV to reduce their bags on the second hand market? Since it's harder to see if the actual bag is real. Making more people to consider to get the bag in store instead. Idk, just speculating.
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  10. 1. How would they take it apart without cutting it?
    2. All they have to do is buy a new one and take it apart to find out what it looks like. Even if it's a black light "tattoo" inside the bag, black lights are SUPER cheap.
    3. They don't have to know what it looks like if WE don't know what it looks like. For a person who doesn't mind buying counterfeit, this is now one less readily visible distinction between their bag and a real one.

    I wonder if they've ever considered hiding an RFID chip inside the bag?
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  11. 1. I never said they’d “take it apart without cutting it” I just quoted her when she said the bag would have to be taken apart to find it (again, more broken telephone!) I’m just the messenger here! Please direct your questions to LV as I shared all I was told
    2. Agree
    3. Sure, yeah somewhat

    Again, I’m just repeating exactly what I was told, not interpreting it
  12. Sounds to me like they gave you a canned response and they don’t know exactly where the date code is, or if your specific bag is supposed to have a date code or not, just what I gather from their response :shrugs:
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  13. Possibly!
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  14. SO my first PM reverse had the date code inside the middle compartment of the bag- after consulting another user whose date code was found in the back zipper compartment, I found mine in the same location. So I don’t know exactly if the CA was misinformed- I have found my date code in an entirely different location than the previous PM I got a week ago. I guess we will never understand the inner workings of LV lol.
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  15. Honestly, I would be surprised if they didn't use some sort of technology based solution for authentication already or very soon. This doesn't have to be visible to the consumer. The visible date codes could serve a different purpose like if there should be a recall of some kind of certain batches.
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