No date code in favorite mm!!

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  1. So I was recently able to snag a fav mm in DA on the website after stalking for days. I already own the favorite mm in Mono that was purchased at a LV store in Paris in 2017. So I know its authentic. But today after looking at my new one, I got curious to see when my mono was made and I can't find a date code!! I looked in the normal spot and all over and nothing. Could they have forgotten? The crazy part of my brain is now wondering if its actually fake somehow like it was switched or something. HELP
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  3. It must be there. I would call the LV number and speak to a customer service rep. They will have record of your purchase. Let us know what you find out. 1-866-884-8866
  4. Here's pictures of the bag...the last pic where it's supposed to be.

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  5. Oh my gosh, you are right! Not inside the pocket either? I would call CS immediately! That is soooooo weird. Everything else looks spot on.
  6. I have to say i have never ever ever even on some vintage bags not had a date code of some kind, some strange ones, old old, but not one there at all....especially on a new or fairly new bag?!!!???
  7. I know! Lol I'm so bothered by this lol. I don't plan to sell so I guess it really matter but its unsettling
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  8. Right? Well, don't sweat it too much, it is a beautiful bag and no one will know but you! Enjoy it.
  9. If you got that from an LV store I don’t think you have to be concerned it is fake. Reach out to LV and see what they say. Unless you plan on selling in the future I don’t think it’s a big deal.
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  10. Did you check in the pocket?
  11. weird with a favourite i always thought they were placed on the right side (when the bag flap is facing you). check the pocket like others suggested.
  12. thats pretty weird.

    however i wanted to share don’t take for granted even if it’s from boutique, you can’t guarantee What some dishonest ppl out there would do... I bought a DE mini Pochette just 1 week ago(end March. 2020 ) from LV website. When it delivered , the date code was for May 2019. That’s almost 10mths old!!! Everything looked authentic but i suspect someone may have ordered it before me and returned the older one and kept the new one. Anyways, I wasn’t comfortable and returned the bag.
  13. I don't think that is weird with old datecode, This is quite common when it comes to the canvas bags and mini, LV likes to sit on a bit of stock a good while before releasing it
  14. I bought a bag a few years ago from the lv website. When it came it was perfect...but the date code was from 2 years prior!! I thought it was strange but I kept the bag and still have it- it's one of my favorites. Dont let the date code or lack there of stop you from keeping the bag.
  15. When I used to be really active on this forum prior to 2013, I don't remember this level of obsession with getting a bag with a "new" date code. 10 months old is really nothing... I've been buying LV since 2006 and I don't think I'd ever checked how "new" my bags are until I came back to TPF in 2019 and saw everyone obsessing over getting bags with new date codes. If the bag is in perfect condition without signs of use, does it really matter?
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