No Coupon for me :( Anyone not using theirs???

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  1. Hi coachies!

    I called my local boutique in the Chicagoland area and sure enough, I wasn't on the list :crybaby:My SA was sooo sweet though! She explained that it's not based on spending patterns, but the promotion is geared towards people who shop at the outlets, in hopes of steering them towards the (full price) boutique stores. She has added me to the list for future promotions

    Sooooo....I know there are some on a certain online site.....but I was wondering is there any coachies out there who are not planning to use their $50.00 coupon???

    Triple:heart: TIA!!!!
  2. I don't get it...I haven't bought anything at the outlet in over a year, but I still got a card. And someone else on this forum said that her SA told her that the cards were sent to you if you either haven't shopped at Coach in a long time, or if you shop 3x a month. That doesn't describe me either.

    This is really weird...
  3. Again I'll go on record as saying I believe it's totally random EXCEPT they have something in the system that says "No PCE or cards for tanukiki" :P
  4. they must have the same thing in there for me *tear*
  5. someone on another forum called the boutique and was told that they werent getting a card but the next day got a card in the mail! dont give up hope yet.
  6. My SA did the same thing, and confirmed my address, I asked her if it was at all possible to get the coupon in-store and she said no :sad: