No contact from Seller. Item relisted

  1. K, the story goes like this. I saw something I really liked on eBay and there were a few sellers but I decided to go with this because of the Buy It Now price. Thought the BIN was reasonable and didn't want the hassle of bidding. Didn't make any offers / bids, just went with the BIN.

    A very nice TPFer authenticated the available exterior pictures

    ...and meanwhile, I very nicely asked the seller for a picture of the creed and the hangtag via the email stated in the invoice and also via eBay's contact seller option. Explained that I'll be paying via Pay Pal once he / she reverted.

    Now I don't expect an immediate answer but I certainly didn't expect the seller to relist the item without contacting me either!

    I dropped the seller another note to say that the pictures were for authentication purposes and I was very serious about closing the deal if everything was in order.

    In other threads, the concern is that buyers wanted a better deal so they drag out the payment hoping that the seller will reduce the price or a better offer comes along. However to highlight, I did NOT haggle over the price / shipping. In fact, I even thanked the person for the shipping & insurance quote that came with the invoice which is automated. My only concern is the authenticity.

    I've yet to receive any replies, what should I do next? :s This is the first time winning something on eBay and I don't want to give/receive a negative feedback. What is the normal waiting time for something like this?
  2. Maybe the seller is annoyed that you didn't ask the authentication questions before you hit the BIN?
  3. i agree the seller should not have done what she did (not responding, relisted w/ even telling you) but then again you should have asked for the pictures BEFORE clicking purchasing the item. i never bid or BIN anything until i have all the pictures i need to determine authenticity and i run it by the experts on those "authenticate this" threads. if someone else wins it before i can get it authenticated, it's just too bad, but it's better safe than sorry.

    many sellers on here have said how it is kind of annoying that people start asking questions about authenticity and what not AFTER they've won an item. For the seller's point of view, it's a bit of a hassle.

    it's possible that she idnd't see your email for some reason, and so she just assumed you were a non-paying bidder, and so she relisted it. i agree that that's not the best choice of action, she should have contacted you and asked for payment before relisting.

    as for what you should do, if u really want the bag, maybe you can contact her again and ask for the pictures you wanted the last time. if she doesn't give them to you (maybe she's hiding something?) then i'd stay away!
  4. I see you don't have any feedback. Many sellers are wary of new accounts because they think it may belong to a scammer. Maybe the seller thought you were one of those annoying people who create eBay user IDs and buy a bunch of stuff they don't intend to pay for.
  5. You definitely should have asked all questions and asked for pictures BEFORE hitting the buy it now button. Once you click "BIN" you are agreeing to buy it. Since you don't have any feedback, the seller probably thought it was a scam. Try contacting her again.
  6. All the above posts are correct HOWEVER the seller is still basically obligated to honor the transaction. eBay's policies state that a refusal to sell is considered "non performing seller" and you can report them--what eBay chooses to do about it is a little vague, since I have seen cases where NOTHING happened to the seller (see the "seller refuses to ship Ring bag" thread) and other cases where the seller was suspended.

    I would try again to contact the seller and assure them that you do in fact want the bag but you really would feel better about submitting payment for it once you have seen the photos you requested.

    Good luck!
  7. that was just what i was thinking...i would have been annoyed that a buyer does a BIN and then asks questions. All questions should be done before bidding/BIN

    and you have zero fd i would think you were wasting my time if i was the seller
  8. Agree with everything. I notice that alot on the authenticate now threads. People come in after winning or after BIN requesting authentication. It is awful and immature on the part of the bidders. I wish the girls of authenticate threads would stop answering the questions of bidders like that. It would really help keep Ebay a safer place for everyone.
  9. I get the impression some of the newbies are afraid someone from the forum will "steal" the bag they are interested in, so they buy it before having it checked out. It really is in your best interest to ******************, saves a ton of hassle later.
  10. That may be a risk, but tons of people are likely watching an auction offering a good deal. I would be mad if I were the seller.
  11. Well. To be fair, they're not exactly wrong to think that, at least in some cases. :s

  12. How sad....I would hate to think that this is happening! :tdown:
  13. Me too but I am pretty sure I have seen it happen a few times. :sad:
  14. Hmm, its a seller with lots of good feedback. Maybe he/she has multiples of the same purse? For the benefit of the doubt.. Maybe the seller is getting the pics together and is trying to email them to you. Are you sure your email account is set to accept pics/attachments? Cause I know mine isn't and I know I won't receive any emails with pics attached.

    I sell a lot on eBay and would never just relist a bag, unless the buyer clearly ignores my emails and payment deadlines (7 days). I think most of the 'bigger' sellers can care less about people with zero feedback, I mean, the reality is that fraud can happen regardless of any feedback number - all it takes is a stolen account and bingo. So to protect ourselves we require confirmed addresses, and follow Paypal rules to a T.

    Again I don't think your seller is ignoring you. Contact her again, and give her time... your request after was after the BIN, I don't think she is hiding something, maybe she is busy (who isn't at this time of the year)...
  15. My wager is that this seller has multiple bags...
    I don't even see anywhere why you would think this is the bag you won and it has been relisted???

    If this is a multiple bag seller-all the more reason to ask before BIN... I hate when sellers use the same pics in their repeat auctions... Would it really kill you to take a pic of the actual bag you are seling to the bidder???!?