No confirmation from market plaza application

  1. I know it takes a couple of weeks for the application itself to be reviewed, so that's okay.

    However, I have sent in an application (actually two) in the last couple of days and didn't receive an email confirmation (of the application itself being received). I repeated the application one time after not receiving confirmation the first time, thinking I did something wrong. However I am still not receiving any confirmation email on either application.

    Was my application received?
  2. Yeah, it was. :yes:
  3. Oh good to know that the applications are coming trough even if we don´t get a confirmation:yes:
  4. Vlad is going through them all. There are tons of people applying so it gets hard to take care of!! But they are making it to him! :yes:
  5. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Just curious, what happened to the auto-reply confirmations then?
  6. Yea, thanks. I guess it's sorta good taht I don't have access to marketplace or else I might spend too much money...:yes:
  7. I applied over a month ago, was I denied or what??? :sad:
  8. I just applied, there's some bags that I really want to buy!!!:Pand I feel safe here, compare to ebay (of course!lol)
    and now Im confused, How would I know if I get rejected???