no coffee,no black tea:is green tea ok ?

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  1. I have decided to stop drinking coffee as it causes acid reaction in my stomach, I also know I have to avoid black tea and alcohol but what about green tea ?
    I need my hot cup of something at the office !!!
  2. i'm not sure about green tea, but if it's the caffeine that bothers you about the other drinks, then stay away from it too. i really like peppermint tea, and the kind i get doesn't have caffeine.
  3. It would be best to consult your doctor about it just to be 100% positive. If it's specifically the caffeine that you have to avoid- some green teas do contain trace amounts of it.

    You might want to try tisanes Tisane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    They're what a lot of people consider teas (like chamomile, for example) but aren't technically considered tea because they aren't made with tea leaves. They might be easier for your stomach to handle.
  4. ^Thank you girls, yes tisane seems to be a great option, I had forgotten about those !
  5. i've had stomach issues since my preteens (ulcers and such). i'm supposed to avoid coffee, tea and alcohol as well (among other things. citrus fruits/juice and spices actually bother me much more than coffee) i'm not very good at it. my dr told me it's not so much the caffiene as the acidity of whatever i'm drinking.

    when i overdo it, i switch to herbal teas. chamomile and peppermint are really soothing. plain green is usually ok. be careful of herbal tea blends. a lot of them have citrus flavoring.

    hot chocolate or warm milk (with or without flavoring) really help me. the milk adds a protective barrier for a while that your stomach naturally isn't producing. sometimes a very weak latte is ok (one shot of expresso in 20 oz cup for example).

    of course, all of that is disclaimered with ask your dr. ymmv. :smile:
  6. Health wise, green tea is great for you. It does have caffeine but it is natural caffeine. But, talk with your Dr if that is what you are avoiding :yes: Sometimes hot water, with honey, and lemon tastes yummie too!!
  7. i love green tea but its best to eat something before you drink stomach hurts too if i drink it on an empty stomach
  8. I live on Green tea, can't drink water in the winter so I'm always guzzling warm green tea at all hours of the day for the whole season, so far no negative affects and I've been doing it for 5 years.