No Coach signature at Outlets?!

  1. I've never been to the Woodbury outlet before and was thinking of going tomorrow, but wanted to call first to see if they had some stuff I was looking for. Anyways, the guy that I spoke to told me that they do NOT carry any Coach signature items and are "not allowed to." Um, what?!

    Is this really true? Are the other outlets like this?
    This seems so bizarre to me. :confused1:
  2. only some outlets carry signature. the two that i frequent both do. but always call before you go to make sure! i'm surprised, i always though woodbury was one of the ones that carried sig merchandise.
  3. I'm so bummed about this! I really wanted some new sig pieces and was hoping to get a few things tomorrow, like a wallet, skinny, etc. :sad:

    Anyone know the next nearest outlet to NYC that carries sig items?
  4. I think it has to do with how close the outlet is to regular full price stores. The outlet here in MN doesn't carry signature either. But the outlet by my parents' house in FL does because there isn't a Coach store nearby.
  5. Its based on what Coach full price stores are within a certain distance to that outlet, etc...

    i.e. Outlet in Tuscola, Illinois is over 3+ hours from the nearest Coach store, and they are allowed to carry signature... All of the outlet stores around the Chicagoland suburbs DO NOT carry signature (except for returns), because there are so many full price stores around there... Best way would be to call the outlets around you... but I have a hunch no outlet around NYC (within a certain distance) would have signature based on the huge amount available in the city?

    One thing you can ask at the outlet is if they have any signature returns... I got some good stuff at the Aurora, IL that way (doesn't usually carry sig)

    Edit: LOL... mnshopgirl, I was writing a novel while you answered a nice concise answer saying the same. I need to learn how to make a point... in fewer words. LOL...
  6. I still don't understand that, if the piece is not being carried in the store anymore why can't the outlet carry that sig piece??
  7. I actually do believe that I did see some signature stuff when i was there a couple of months ago.. hmm.. or maybe not. But i was pretty sure that i did see some!
  8. That's really interesting. I was always wondering why the Coach outlet in Camarillo doesn't usually have signature stuff. I just figured I got there at an off time.

  9. I used to think the same thing about the Camarillo outlet. But I did find out that the Santa Barbara store on State Street is an outlet. Which is suprising since it is a free standing store and not in an Outlet mall. And they carry signature. I have been there a few times. It is a long drive from LA but I do it once in a while. So you might want to check them out. I am not sure where exactly you live but the Barstow Outlet also carrys Signature. Only reason to go to that one is while driving to Vegas.
  10. waterloo I'm told does, and Lake George? I've only gone to woodbury though.
  11. both outlets in MA carry sig...Wrentham and Lee.
  12. Wrenthem is hit or miss with signature. I don't think it's usually carried. But yes, Lee does carry signature all the time.

    clinton connecticut also does NOT carry signature...however, they will get "random" pieces in (like a return or something)...I was able to pick up a signature stripe camera bag there.
  13. The outlet nearest me doesn't carry it because they say it would put the full price stores near there out of business. The only sig they carry is returns and some of the funky items (I can't remember what they were called, but they were strange colors with suede and sig mixed together - not patchwork - and they were not terribly attractive to me).
  14. Are you sure? The outlet I go to is only about 1/2 hour or less from the nearest Coach retail store and they carry signature!
  15. I have seen signature at the Lake George, NY outlet.