No COACH outlet in Az?? CrAzY!!

  1. You would think there would be an outlet here in Arizona! Anyone else agree with me? Its very depressing bc everyone is always talking about the great deals you can get there! Ive tried the TJMaxx and Marshalls but no such luck on wristlets and wallets of any kind.

    I live in Anthem, Az and we have a HUGE outlet mall in the city and NO COACH??? I dont get it! They have Nautica and Guess and some other stores you would think they would have one.

    Anyone know if we could get one here soon?

    Thanks for any info!
  2. It's true, nothing in AZ! I live in Tucson and have been dying to get to one. 6 million people in this state and no outlet! Surely we have the demographics to support one.
  3. wow...that sure is surprising! i would have assumed somewhere in each state there would be an outlet. RI doesnt have one but there is one in MA about 20min from me. something should change and AZ should have an outlet!
  4. i live in az too and it's such a bummer that we don't have an outlet. they're opening up a LOT more boutiques here in the next year or two. maybe an outlet will follow...

  5. Are you in RI ? I'm in Warwick..
  6. There are 2 up here in Maine.

    So sorry there isn't one near you!

    Write to Coach Corporate!:yes:

    We're FINALLY getting a Boutique up here in April!:yahoo:
  7. I'm in AZ and doubt there will be an outlet in the Phoenix area. There are so many places to buy coach. In fact, I heard a new coach boutique is coming to the west valley in one of the new malls that are being built (can't remember which one). I would never pay retail for coach if there was an outlet near by (and I'm probably not the only one) thus Coach would lose a lot of full price sales if one was opened. A few times a year I make a weekend out of going to the Cabazon outlets in California.
  8. I feel your pain!! I live in Arkansas, and we have no outlet either, I have to travel about 5 hours to get to my nearest outlet in Missouri.
  9. I live in Phoenix, too--I think I'm going to write to COACH today!

    As far as discount/preowned COACH goes, I have had pretty good luck with My Sister's Closet. They are a consignment shop and they guarentee authenticity on all their items. I've even managed to find a few LVs there!

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find any discount NEW COACH items? I was almost tempted to go to eBay, but there are just too many fakes lurking around there...
  10. I'm in Phoenix also. New boutiques are popping up EVERYWHERE but no outlets! I'll have to check out "My Sister's Closet" ..:tup:
  11. I have a close friend who lives in Scottsdale and she is also anxious for a Coach outlet to open. I have made purchases for her here in MA and ship them to her. Told her the next time she comes to visit we can hit the outlets in MA, NH and ME. Surprised there isn't one out there yet.
  12. Same story, but in Kansas!
  13. Yep, its very depressing.
  14. There is an outlet in Santa Fe, NM that would probably be your closest outlet,

    In phoenix, you should go to the Nordstrom Clearance Center. I hear they have CRAZY good prices on Coach and other designer bags. I have never been, but have heard it can be a mad house.
  15. Well, I have never found any Coach worth purchasing at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Nordstroms rack. I'm sorry but I'm not much of an bargin store person. I don't like digging through the unorganized clutter. Now the outlet is a different story!!! All Coach in one store marked DOWN....heaven. I too am in Phoenix and it is very sad that Anthem doesn't have an outlet. There are some items that I feel I need to buy when they first come out, but for some items I kinda like but don't want to pay full price for. I would still buy at the boutiques but sales would increase because I'd also be buying from the outlet monthly, lol.