No Cm??? WTF?

  1. Okay I guess I am starting to get a little concerned. I had AF on October 31, 2007. Usually I would already have plenty of CM flowing now to BD, but I have not had any, just a small, and I mean minute, creamy/clear colored fluid. Today would be day 16 in my cycle. Last month I had already had three days of great CM fluid with the 17th day being the peak. What is going on?? :sad: Sorry had to vent.
  2. Hmm... did you check *cough* internally? I've found my CM to be inconsistent when checking externally, but when I went in there it was there...(TMI, I know...)
  3. Yes that is the only way I check, unless it is um..flowing out which it usually does for a few days right before the peak day. Maybe this month is delayed a few days and I am getting ready to...start so to speak.
  4. Okay I must be having delayed ov- because today I am finally seeing some CF. Shew!!!

    Time to BD!!!
  5. :dothewave: Go! Jenni! Go!