No Chatter about Kooba Julia

  1. I don't think I've heard one person mention this bag. Is it the "dud" bag of the season? I kinda feel the same way. As Randy Jackson would say on American Idol "I'm not feelin' it Dawg".

  2. I like it but I want to see what other colors it's in. It does seem like the odd man out in the collection though. Are we even sure it's a Kooba? The new collection is up on their site and it isn't there. God only knows it wouldn't be the first time NM screwed up.
  3. It's a cute bag but not 1st on my wishlist.
  4. That is so true. It isn't anywhere on the Kooba new Spring collection. wonder who's bag it is...LOL NM showed The Botkier Sasha as a Nina for the longest time.
    Oh geez....just saw the Meredith in Slate. Beautiful!
  5. I like it. In the right color and if it's the right size and at a good price, I'd get it.

    I like the fact that Kooba designs are a bit diverse. I'm really taken by the Audrey, too.
  6. They also have the Angie on the NM site and that is sort of similar to both the Julia and the Natasha so they probably are Koobas. I'm just never sure until I see it someplace else.
  7. First time I've seen this Kooba. Not loving it too much. I think the other ones are much more cute. Too Tote-ish for me.
  8. I think that bag reminds me of a sundress that Lucille Ball might have worn.

    It looks retro to me and not in line with their normal styling.

  9. Not my thing...
  10. Hey Salesrep...
    Are you the one who came up with the "Tarantula Paige" visual? If you, you have a knack because the understand perfectly about the Lucille Ball Sundress. That Bag (in some strange way) reminds me of a dress Lucille Ball wore. Amazing!
  11. LOL I will find who it was that said that originally ... wasn't a usual Kooba poster I don't believe ... but isn't that tarantula visual dead on?!
  12. I just re-read the post I made last night. It seems that I must have been very tired...or had a stroke while writing it...LOL It hardly makes sense!

    It was a bad night. I have a kitty with a problem and I washed an inkpen in the washer with my hubby's shirts. He was all disgruntled. It was a T-shirt!!!! LOL