NO CHAT in the reference threads, PLEASE!!!


Jan 4, 2009
^^I thought we had one for that, or for the collection reference, but anyway, it's probably very old. Feel free to start one...that's a good idea!
Okay, I made

I still try to bump the collection chat thread occasionally, like when I have a comment about a collection, but it does seem like a lot of people don't read the 1st post so they don't know the chat thread exists. I wish there were a way to sticky important info at the top of each thread page or something (the best comparison I can think of is freezing a pane in excel so you can see it at any time no matter where you scroll). But that sounds hard to implement here...
Jun 3, 2006
Austin, Texas
BUMP! I've been reading lots of CHAT in no Chat threads...specifically, ebay postings and some others...please remember things will say NO CHAT or PICS that means no extra comments, etc...we have extra threads designated for the chatting...does not take anytime to copy a post and quote in in the CHAT thread that references the related pictures thread...

some examples: this is NO CHATTING!

post your chats about deals here:

then there is also this one for pictures only:

place your chats here:

just a friendly reminder! i keep wanting to quote the poster and say "no chatting" but then I would be chatting too LOL


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Jan 29, 2009
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Thank you mrod! I also bumped up the no chat thread in the reference library yesterday because I saw a good handful of chatter. It gets to be really obnoxious.