No change of status since 3/14

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  1. I won a Juicy Couture crossbody bag on 3/14. I received notice that evening that it had shipped. Delivery expected date 3/16-3/18 via USPS Priority Mail.

    It is still showing "Manifest" & nothing else. I sent message to the seller yesterday; no response as of yet.

    I have never had anything shown as "Manifest" status until this.

    Any ideas?
  2. What country are you in and what country is the seller in?

    Delivery time is just an estimate and usually makes it appear that you'll get items earlier than it actually takes.

    If you won it on 3/14, I wouldn't even begin to worry until the 21st.
  3. It has only been 3 business days since your payment. If you received shipping notice that evening it probably means that the item didn't go out until Sat. or Mon. so you are really jumping the gun, IMHO.

    FYI, USPS's "2 Day Priority Mail" is a joke. Usually it's more like 4 from where I live in Seattle to the East Coast. And eBay's estimated delivery dates are even less accurate. Also, all of my shipments from the upper midwest and Rockies regions have been delayed lately. I know this because they've gone UPS and I can see the exceptions but you wouldn't see it with USPS tracking.

    I wouldn't even start wondering where the package was until at least a week after payment.
  4. A lot of sellers will also package an item and upload tracking information when something sells, but then they have a designated postal day where they take orders all at once; so sometimes even though you'll receive notice that something shipped, it might not actually go out for a few days.

  5. Shouldn't there be a change showing something other than "Manifest", like a tracking number?
  6. Yes and no. It all depends on whether the package receives the acceptance scan (when it was accepted by the PO) and other scans along the way. Some packages may never receive any scans until they are delivered. I just had one like that. It all showed: Manifest and Delivered.

  7. I'm in Missouri; seller is in New York.

  8. Thanks; as I said, I've never had one showing "manifest" & nothing else.

    I won another item that same day & received it to day from Florida.

    Will stop worrying!
  9. Does the seller use a shipping service? I've seen this status a couple times; it was with very large sellers that were using a shipper.

  10. I don't know about that.
  11. This is for anyone who prints labels in bulk on ebay and use the scan sheet. It doe snot have to be a very large seller. You can generate labels that way even if you only have one shipment.
  12. Status today shows in USPS sort facility in New York.
  13. Package just arrived. Worried for nothing.
  14. Good to hear!