No Chanel Reissue 2.55 for me

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  1. :sad2: Hi, I'm just venting right because I just found out my SA and I had miscommunicaton about this bag. I called my nearest Chanel boutique here in Canada asking if they had any reissue 2.55 left or coming in. The SA said yes they are expecting in March. So she take my name and which one I wanted: 2.55 reissue in gray in 226 size(medium). So I've been on this waitlist for over a month, so I decide to call and see the status of this bag. Since I've been hearing it's sold out in the US, I wondered if we'd still be getting it in. She tells me she put my name done for the new reissues coming out not for the limited edition. The limited edition is all sold out already:evil: . I wish I knew that earlier. A month ago I could have tried calling other stores if I knew that. So now it seems I will never get my Limited Edition Reissue 2.55 in gray 226 unless I buy one on Ebay if I ever see one!!
  2. i saw several gray reissues in Atlanta last week, at neiman marcus and at saks, i don't know if they'll ship to Canada, but a call doesn't hurt, right? good luck!
  3. thanks amanda! I'm calling NM first thing in the morning.
  4. Argh, still debating whether or not I should just get the grey reissue and not get any bags for a long (long!) time. If they don't have any in Chanel here in Orlando tomorrow, maybe I'll see if they can get one in from Atlanta. I've been lusting after this darn bag so long :shame:
  5. i'm glad that Atlanta's bags may go to good homes soon :biggrin:. and if either of you call saks, ask for bonnie, i love her.
  6. If you call NM, ask for Mary Ann. She's the best, she'll find anything for you.
  7. really? the only SA that i've ever met at Neimans that i liked was Veronica (i think that was her name - i usuall stick to Saks). maybe i've never met mary ann...
  8. When you call ask for the 2005 Anniversary Bag. When I called to get my reissue in black, she told me that the SA's know it as the anniversary bag. That way there's no confusion. Good luck. I know there's still a few out there!
  9. Thanks to everyone for their advice.

    I called NM Atlanta, they ship to Canada but only accept AMEX and NM c/c, which I don't have. Saks doesn't ship to Canada.
    My last hope is to call some Chanel boutiques. If there is none, I'll just have to settle for the normal reissues when they come to Canada.
  10. ASL-
    Get a amex gift card (for the purse)and give them the # over the phone
  11. the american express gift card is only sent in USA not overseas ...the NM gift card can also be bought online .. but that also is only shipped in the USA as well ... you can get a VIRTUAL NM gift card which is sent to your email .. you call them and give them the number that you get in your email .... but you need to register to do that ... and to register ... you need to use a USA address to complete your checkout .............
    been there .. tried that :P
  12. his angel - it's too funny that I just posted in your thread about the same problem ... it's funny how resourceful we can become when we really want something!:lol:
  13. I really hope you end up tracking down your Chanels. It's so disappointing, to be let down when you thought that you were in line to get one!
    Do you have a Holt's card? I know Holt's cards are now being administered by AM. I wonder if this would count as an AM card? Just wondering...
  14. I mean American Express, sorry! (Not AM) Am tired!
  15. I got my gray reissue from Mary Anne at NM in Atlanta. Not only was she excellent and super helpful, but she packaged up the bag very well (and it was in perfect condition). So she's highly recommended.