No cashback on Auctiva listings on ebay??

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  1. Since we can't "chat" on the ebay deals thread and this is where I saw a post regarding this, I'm posting this here.

    Is it true you can't get cashback from if you do a BIN that is an Auctiva auction on ebay? I'm questioning this because I recently did a BIN through and it was an auctiva auction and my cashback amount shows up. Just curious to know where it says no Auctiva auctions included on the cashback program as I searched the terms/conditions portion and didn't see anything.

    Let me know what you know! Thanks!!!
  2. i have bought items through auctiva auctions and had cashback in my account...and have sold items through auctiva with buyers using the cashback program. i know this because i had to change my settings to allow this for buyers. i have seen several posts on this in reference to auctiva, i think it depends on if they (sellers) use auctiva checkout! i don't believe just because it is an auctiva auction it is exempt from, HTH!
  3. Yes, that does! Thanks for your help!
  4. not MJ topic... Closing.....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.