No Care Cards Either?

  1. So, I finally took out my black leather large Carly for inspection and noticed there wasn't a care card thanking me for my purchase and giving me cleaning instructions. I know the registration cards are no more, but why don't I have a care card?

    My SA told the runner to go to the back and retrieve my list of items and in chatting with the cashier, I didn't notice if she did in fact get my bag from the back. All I know is I see her a few minutes later with my bag and the dust bag she was unfolding to place it in there.

    I never saw her take the bag out of the plastic/tissue wrapping. Come to think of it, every time I've made a purchase at the boutique, I've never noticed, but I see them coming from the back with my bag. I also always have a care card.

    Is the wrapping typically removed and disposed of in the storage room?

    Could it be that I got a display bag? The HORROR! :cursing:

    The bag looks okay, but I don't due displays unless I do so knowingly, you know?
  2. Those are great question! I would be interested in what other say. When I got my medium leather Carly, I didn't get a care card either, but I got mine from a department store. I would love to know what the care card says for the leather Carly. :smile::idea:
  3. When I got my Ergo hobo I don't think it had a care card, but it was brand new (they weren't even on the floor yet). I wouldn't be too concerned...unless everyone has gotten one recently?
  4. The display bag usually has the white price tag attached to the inner pocket zipper.
  5. I learn something new every day from this forum :yes:...thank you!
  6. Yes, the wrapping on bags is typically removed back in the storage room, before they bring it out. At least that's what I've noticed. Not with the scarves though, since all the ones I got today still had wrapping on them.

    At the outlets we would process the bags as they came in. We had huge gurneys in the back and we would remove all the plastic, foam, and tissue up until a certain point, then we would stack all the bags on the gurneys in the back. Then when it came time to replenish the front we would be able to do it faster because they were already processed.
  7. My black leather Carly did not have a care card either.
  8. That's good to know as mine has the tag on the strap's brass ring and was tucked in such a way that you wouldn't necessarily notice it. Maybe it wasn't the display.
  9. ^We used to tuck tags on all of the bags at the outlet. It just looks neater.
  10. my carly didn't have care cards either... hmmm....
  11. some of mine have had them, some have not.
  12. I'm sure it was brand new but I ALWAYS insist they leave the plastic/tissue paper on it, I don't like people handling my bags!!
  13. One of the outlets I have shopped at (Foley) actually have their factory price tags attached this way. It annoys me b/c I think about how easy it would be for someone to buy it, use it and return it. I've always wondered why they would do this (presentation?) and it actually bothered me to a point that I much prefer to shop at the Destin outlet now.
    And, yes, if I were to pay full price with tax from the boutique, I would want it brought out to me still wrapped.
  14. i thought they weren't doing care cards/registration and all that anymore?? i didn't have one for either of my carly's, my ali, nor my ergo tote.