no brown small carlys?

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  1. I went to the store today to order my new bag and wallet, but they told me that the brown only came in the shoulder, slim flap, large carly and little demi?! is this true?

    I ordered a denim bag and a brown and white wallet.
  2. The denim carly is on my to get list as well!!
  3. The demi is considered the small Carly. Did you mean the pouch or the medium? I was told that the pouch only came in Jade a couple weeks ago.
  4. I am confused about the OP's question. Is this a discussion over the signature carlys, the leather carlys or the new canvas carlys? I've been eyeing this bag for a few weeks now. Which I consider "small". The bag is not exactly solid chocolate, but I like the saddle colored accents.
  5. do you want that medium one, aarti?

    i lost my macy's ad that had all that in it...but maybe it's something you might be able to find at macy's only?
  6. I believe the small Carly is available only through department stores. I've never seen it at a Coach boutique or online (they only have the large, regular/medium, and demi). I saw the small camel/brown Carly yesterday at Macys, so it's definitely out there. Don't give up!
  7. The Coach store that I went to on Saturay had a couple in. They said that they got 9 in and they only had about 3 left. I really wanted to get one but I think that I am going to wait for the Macy's Friends and Family so I can get the additional percentage off. I also saw one at Saks in the Galleria (Dallas) on Saturday also.
  8. The small Carly at my Macy's IS the Carly demi. Macy's lists them as small, medium, and large. Whereas Coach lists them as Carly Demi, Carly, and Large Carly.

    Do you think people are mistaking the Carly Pouch for a Small Carly????
  9. thats weird....i thought they still had small ones left...