NO Brown Coffer for Miu2 / Update on discount

  1. Well, now I won't be getting the brown coffer from Styledrops either! However, they did offer me the plum for the same price. So, of course, I said yes! :yahoo: I didn't want to be redundant by posting the same letter twice, so here are the e-mails I received re the brown coffer, status of the coffer flaps and proposed discount to tPf members........
    Just wondering. Have you ever thought of offering exclusive discounts to members of the Purse Forum? Say 20%? I know that you would receive a huge response in purchases. All members purchase designer bags regularly and are always searching for discounts. Myself included. Your thoughts?
    They replied:

    please find below the email we sent you informing the bag was no more available.

    No, I'm not telling you the new coffer's front flap will be shorter than those of the past but just that the one on the old picture of the black was longer than usual. The correct flap is exacly like those you described of your bags.
    We are sorry for the bag unavailability, as you can see below we have offered you the plum one at the same price.
    I've sent to my supervisor your proposal for a discount to the purse forum members.
    Best regards.

    I responded:
    I would like to accept the Plum at the same price and thank you very much. Can you please send me a confirmation on the Plum Coffer, I don't know why I didn't receive the first e-mail advising me of the unavailability of the brown. Thank you for clarifying the front flap status, I will certainly pass that information on to the members of tPF. Let me know what your supervisor thinks about offering an exclusive discount to tPF members. You may want to mention that there are well over 56,000 members and that many handbags are bought every day by those members who are always looking for a great deal! I am quite certain that the return on the discount would be quite substantial for Styledrops and would certainly result in many other sales and new devout customers. Could be a win - win for all! Let me know what your supervisor thinks and if he/she would like more information, please feel free to contact myself. I must tell you that I will be out of town from Sat. Aug 25 - Mon Aug 27. I will not have access to my computer until Monday, evening. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you again, Sharon

    Now, we can only wait and see........:popcorn:
  2. Congrats on your plum coffer. I had a dream about it last night. lol. Glad you got it.
  3. miu2- I'm so glad you're staying on top of this situation. I really thought Styledrops was going to be on my bad merchants list, but they offered me the plum Coffer, so I said yes! :wlae: There's still hope for me getting the coffer yet.

    Now they need to hurry and get the bag to my home before I leave for a weekend getaway! :rolleyes:
  4. YYYAAAYYY!!!!:yahoo:Did you also see the free shipping that Styledrops is ofering tPFers for a week as a result of these e-mails?? Let me know when you get yours and I'll do the same!! :okay:
  5. PLUMMMMMM!!!! I am so jealous! Ooooh, I want it! Even my dad thought it was beautiful!!
  6. ITA as a result of these posts and am getting mine from Net a Porter on (I hope as it's a holiday in the UK on Monday) Tuesday!
  7. heheh I knew it miu2 :yahoo:that you are going to buy plum one...plum will be great addition to your bag and such a great deal,your emails paid off
    looking forward to see the pictures of your new coffer.
  8. That's some very good negotiating and congrats on your new bag !