No Box with Speedy

  1. I have bought a speedy recently. When I bought it the S.A. did not give me one of those LV box. :crybaby: It is possible for me to ask for one? The reason I'm asking is because I want to use the box for storage, and also cos it looks nice (hehe). :p
  2. you can ask them..

    I think my first speedy didn't come with the bix but at the time I didn't care. Now they always put it in the box .
  3. By the way, congrats on your speedy, pics please
  4. I bought mine (in Belgium) and didn't get one too. They did give me a box for the small bandeau but not for the bags :shrugs: .
    Maybe they don't do that in some places? I've seen different bags been sold and none of them in a box!
    I even asked for one for my bag but they said they didn't had any.
  5. Wow.. this for the quick replies.
    Should I go to the stores to ask them or through the phone line? And pictures will be coming soon. :smile:
  6. should ask for it.
  7. if they don't know you they won't bother putting things on box for you but if they do they'll even put agenda reffills in a box lol...
  8. Always ask if they don't automatically!
  9. Well it's been like a month. Do I have to bring a reciept with me to prove that I bought the bag?
  10. ^I would. Or I would speak with the SA that helped me. Congrats on the Speedy!
  11. I didn't always get a box with my bags, more recently they are giving them out. However they are folding the speedys now in a flat dustbag & I hate that, the canvas is creased although it does come out. I would take in your receipt & ask for a box.
  12. Here in UK. There are always no box available. They just put 2 bags together up side and down so it should looks as a box. When purchase online, there are always box given but rarely have box here in UK. I never got any from Boutique even I bought a MC speedy. There was no box given.
  13. THanks everyone for the replies. Since it was my first time buying a bag, I didn't know what to expect. You guys have been really helpful. :smile:
  14. Yea ask, I didnt get one with my manhattan gm, and was kind of mad because of the cost of the bag.
  15. I never knew about the boxes in the past but made sure I asked for a box last week for the Speedy I bought, they werent planning on boxing it as usual. It is quite a big box compared to the bag hehehe :p