No box or tags from Matchesfashion?

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  1. Hello all

    I was very lucky to find a YSL large College bag on 30% off at Matchesfashion the other day.

    But when it arrived today, it came with only Matchesfashion box and tag - no original YSL box or tags or small leather sample, like I know is standard with YSL.

    Im sure the bag is a return... you can kind of tell by the way it was packaged. But no scratches or anything on the bag fortunenately.

    I just find it odd that nothing was send with it from a reputable company like Matchesfashion. I mean, they dont just loose a large box like that ‍♀️

    Has anyone ever tried anything similar?
  2. You can contact customer service and check what they say !!???
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    I don’t think they’ve lost the box! In my experience of buying bags online, eg Fendi, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, others, I would expect to get a branded box only from the brand itself, and not when I’m buying from a retailer such as Matches. I don’t regard not getting the box as an issue. For example, I’ve bought two different iterations of the same Burberry bag from Burberry and Mytheresa. The one directly from Burberry came with a lovely tailor-made presentation box with a special cut-out just for the strap, but the one from Mytheresa just in a MyT box; Burberry told me the box only comes when purchasing directly. Same story from Net-A-Porter with a Fendi. Only get the yellow box from Fendi. Fendi Strap You comes in a Fendi box from Fendi, but a Mytheresa box from Mytheresa. Loewe belt came with a Loewe box from Loewe, but a (very nice) Matches box from Matches. Don’t think it necessarily means your bag is a return (and returns happen direct from the brand too anyway). I wouldn’t be too worried :smile:

    The only thing I would make sure of is that the bag comes with an authenticity card if that is normal with YSL (have never purchased YSL bag so I don’t know but imagine it’s the norm). Just for the future should you decide to sell it on. I wouldn’t doubt the actual authenticity from Matches.
  4. Thank you for your reply.. makes me feel a little better.

    YSL bags dont cole with auth cards like Chanel or Prada. They actually only come with the tag and a small leather piece/sample.
    And both these are missing. But ofcourse I have the receipt from Matchesfashion, which Im sure is good enough if I ever need to sell it.

    But I still think its annoying that the tag is missing though....
  5. Apart from shoes, whenever I've bought designer from a store (B&M or online) it comes in the dept store box/packaging and not the designer. Usually it will say if it comes with the designer's box/packaging but won't say anything if it doesn't.

    BTW, I love Matches boxes, they make for great storage.
  6. Yes they are perfect and very pretty with the marble design

    But good to know its standard for most dept stores - about the boxes anyway
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