No Bodies Perfect !!!

  1. website...

    1 Click Portfolio
    2 Click Agree
    3 Then Before and After

    You will then see a pic, HOLD DOWN THE WORD "BEFORE" to see what the models and Celebs really looked like.
  2. thanks for the link =D..I know all of that too well! my dad is a re-toucher! he told me Hallie Berry has strech marks,and Beyonce has thick sideburnes!
  3. I love this type of thing. Thanks so much for the fun!!
  4. Oh no, really??
  5. Wow :amazed: ! Was that Eva Longoria in one of those pics?
  6. Wow! that was really cool. I might start sending all of my pics to that gang for touchups b/f I look at them, lol.
  7. No, I think it's that FBI girl from Without a Trace.

    I feel a lot better looking at those pix!:yes:
  8. Wow, I feel so much better now about the way I photograph. I was especially amazed when I looked at the before photo of the girl in the bikini. They edited out her little roll of extra skin on her side.
  9. This made my day!!! LOL!
  10. :lol: I agree. I loved seeing them hide a overblown boob job, too.
  11. Thanks for the link, very entertaining.
  12. that was amazing to see what they edit out....the before pictures make them look 'real'
  13. Wow it's amazing!! I wonder what program they used to do it.
  14. THANKS! That made me feel good!

  15. Your welcome bagsnbags :biggrin: