NO Blue Coffers??

  1. I just received an e-mail from Prada regarding my search for the blue Coffer. They had sent me an e-mail previously saying that they have never been aware of the Coffer available in blue. I responded by telling them that I had ordered one (but they were out of stock) on and here is their response:

    Dear Sharon,

    Do you have the link by chance? is a European site that we are not affiliated with, so if the bag was available in blue, we would not be able to find it in the US. Our sales manager here is not familiar with the coffer ever appearing in blue.

    Thank you,

    What do you all make of their response? I'm a bit concerned because I just ordered my brown Coffer from Styledrops :sweatdrop: What concerns me is that they say that they are not affiliated with Styledrops and that their sales manager is "not familiar with the Coffer ever appearing in blue". Maybe that means that the Prada Corporate Ofcs. in the USA aren't affiliated? Does anyone know if there is a European Corporate office for Prada??
    I sent them a copy of my order confirmation from Styledrops with a picture of the blue Coffer and questioned whether or not Styledrops is an authorized dealer of Prada hoping that they can clear up this confusion for me. Hopefully she will e-mail me soon :sweatdrop:.
  2. oh that sound strange :sad:
    but with the strange picture of the black leather coffer,I was already concerning about the styledrops (even though they emailed etc.)
    you can ask usa prada for the europe headquaters email
    I know companies give differen colors to different dept. stores and countries,but on the other hand sales manager should be certainly aware of the colors they have in the world.

    let us know how it goes
  3. Will do :tup:
  4. I did see blue Coffers in London when I was there in March, either in the Miu Miu store or in Harvey Nichols, can't remember which. So yes, they do exist!
  5. Can you please tell me if you saw them recently? I have been on a desperate search for one for some time now. Do you have a phone number or any info which might enable me to contact either (or both) stores? Do you know if they will ship to the USA?
  6. Unfortunately I am not in the UK so I really don't know what is available at the moment. The New Bond Street store number in London is 207-409 0900. They will be closed now but you could try tomorrow. By the way, they do ship internationally. Good luck!
  7. Sorry...add country code 44 before the number!
  8. miu2, good luck on your blue coffer search, I dont think you should worry about style drops.
  9. Nizlay, you are AWESOME!! Thank you so so much:woohoo:
  10. You are most welcome. I hope you find one!
  11. You can bet that I will be on the phone first thing in the morning! I really can't thank you enough. Now I just hope that they can locate one for me :sweatdrop:
  12. I am glad that blue is really made by miu miu...but it is very intersting that sales manager is unaware the color of their most popular(ever I guess) model
  13. miu2 - I'm afraid that neither Harvey Nichols not the Miu Miu store in New Bond Street have it in blue. The boutique never got it in that colour, and Harvey Nichols says that they are all gone as that was part of the Spring/Summer collection. So sorry, but will let you know if I happen to see any around.
  14. :crybaby:Thanks so much nizlay. I would really appreciate you keeping an eye for it as it seems the blue never even made it here to the US. :sad: If you do find one, could you send me a PM with the info please. :yes:
  15. I'm not sure if this is what she's saying, but here's my take: there are certain styles/colors of Prada bags that are sold exclusively in Europe and not available at all in the US. I think this might be where the confusion comes in.

    Styledrops isn't affiliated with any of the designers they sell. They work independently.