no bleeding problem on damier speedy

  1. i called the lv store at sf and the sa told me she's never heard of the bleeding problem, of course i don't believe her, but she even asked the manager and other sa's about it, and she said no one's ever heard of it.
    so what's th deal really?
    also i looked a the inside lining of the speedy and it was an orangey color.. how do u transfer red/pinkish color onto other stuff?:confused1:
  2. I don't know. I had a Damier Speedy 30 and there was very noticeable color transfer on my wallet and planner. I even took my items to the boutique with me when I went to return the Speedy and the SA agreed with me 100% that there was a bleeding problem (after she looked at my stuff).
  3. Crap..I have one coming long ago was that?? I heard it was just a small batch that did this:confused1: :confused1: Did you end up getting another one??
  4. is the lining inside red or orangey?
  5. Yeah, mine acted all surprised when I told her about the color transfer problem, and she asserted that the issue was never brought up with past Damier purchasers. I then proceeded to performing the handkerchief test right in front of her and - lo and behold - there was some mild color transfer. Mind you, the transfer was very mild and it was only apparent when I rubbed really hard. I left a white t-shirt in my bag overnight to further try to substantiate the whole color transfer issue, but surprisingly enough the shirt was still entirely white when I retrieved it.

    The only time that I'm concerned about color transfer is in the summer (humidity).

    baglover: The inside lining is a rich red.
  6. Not all SAs know's kind of sad, really. But I'd suggest calling a store that HAS heard of this problem before, telling them what store you purchased your bag from and what you should do about it, should you end up with the problem.
    I purchased a 30 (made in the USA) not too long after it came out and I've never had a problem with the lining in mine.
  7. I have never had any bleeding from my Damier Speedy, on anything, even white items. Even when it got wet. It's definitely not all of them.
  8. I haven't had any bleeding problems with my made in the USA Damier Speedy, but I checked it by rubbing the lining with a white hankerchief before I took it out of the store.
    I'm sure my SA thought I was crazy.
  9. I believe the older ones had orange interior while all the newer ones are red.
  10. Same here. I have a 25 and granted I don't use it a whole lot, I've never had this problem. My sister on the other hand uses the bag quite often (she has a 30) has not had this problem either.
  11. Haha - I'm sure mind did, too :shame:
  12. Mine was purchased in October 2006, made in France. At first I thought that it was my Purseket, but it continued after I took that out. I asked about it at the Michigan Ave location in Chicago (they knew nothing), but I returned it to the Saks in Cleveland, Ohio. No, I did not get another one...I saw that there were several others that were having the same problem so I chose something else. Good luck with yours, hopefully they fixed the problem!
  13. When I exchanged my damier speedy bc of bleeding, the SA did not know what I was talking about.
  14. Mine is from June 2006, Made in France. Mine isn't deep red on the interior :shrugs: it's a cross between orange and red, like a spice color. I'm so confused, how many shades of interiors are there?!