No birkin yet but....

  1. my dh got me this last week to give me little H in my life until my birkin gets here:P

    one day I hope to start a post with "my birkin is finally here":graucho:
  2. Nothing like a little H in your life. Absolutely beautiful and lucky you for such a sweet DH.
  3. Wow, beautiful scarves. What a sweet DH!
  4. Beautiful scarves! Your DH is so sweet!!!
  5. Gorgeous scarves, if I may so myself. I happen to own both in different colorways.
  6. how sweet -- and i love the portuguese riding school design. (big surprise, eh? :shame: )
  7. GORGEOUS! I have that exact Les Poivone (spelling ?) scarf in that same's beautiful! Wear them well!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  8. hermesgroupie- you and my dh have good taste. You guys can pick out gifts for me anytime:yes:
  9. Very nice! Congrats!!
  10. Congrats...beautiful!!! :yahoo:
  11. Wow....Beautiful, and what a very thoughtful DH!! Congratulations!!:yahoo:

  12. thanks shopmom

    Yeah I love pink. I am planning to wear it in my hair.
  13. Both are beautiful!!!!! AND the scarf ring.....3 oranges boxes:yahoo:
  14. What a lovely DH, Congrats, I love your goodies.
  15. Awww, so sweet!
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