no bids?

  1. ^Wow, nice pochette....
  2. I was looking at that one a couple days ago..the interior was just too dirty and there was too much patina for me. I'd have bid if it were a little cleaner.
  3. It looks soo blah!
  4. The bag looks too worn out!! I'd rather pay more to buy one in better condition!
  5. Not my style.
  6. i was thinking..if u buy it and get the interior changed....
  7. I know this bag is hot right now, but not my style.
  8. I love it! Who else sees the interior but you yourself? That wouldn´t bother me.
  9. It looks beat up to me, but who's asking me?
  10. ,It's a good deal.....ones in mint condition can go as high as $700+.
  11. shes a great seller! that bag is priced very reasonable given its condition. you can always get the lining changed out for under $50.00. its rare so get it rensky!
  12. ^I agree with Everlong. Honestly, I didn't know how cheap replacing lining was...makes me wonder if I should reconsider buying bags with used lining (not too damaged, though)'s cheap!