No bids...having the same problem as berryblondeboys

  1. Hey I'm having the same problem with selling a handbag. I put alot of pic's out there and started it at a low price. Now I have it listed as a BIN; thinking that it might help in selling it. I also included in my listing...that I will include original receipt and dustbag.

    Do any of you have any other suggestions that I can do to get the bag to sell? Do I need more pics...or maybe do I need to add a pic of the receipt??? Any suggestions would be great...TIA
  2. Anybody with any suggestions... :confused1::sad::confused1:
  3. You may want to try it at another auction site. There is a lot of anti-eBay sentiment lately, with a worldwide boycott planned for Feb 18-25. I had a bunch of bags to list, but I am waiting and looking for another venue. Don't be surprised it this thread is moved to the eBay forum.
  4. Oh alright...Keep me posted if you find another venue to list bags on. TIA
  5. Hi Jarmom,

    I can empathise. I started my recent Chloe auction at a really really low price and it's very hard to get bids. eBay is really tough. If you price bags at near retail then nobody bites and if you start them low people think they are fake.

    If you pick up any tips let me know!

    Best wishes