No bereavement tickets from Delta?!?!

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  1. My fiance's grandfather died this morning and we're trying to get flights for the funeral/visitation this weekend and Delta no longer has bereavement tickets. I just think at some point the airlines need to learn how to act humanely again and put themselves in the position of their passengers. We can pay the extra money, but what about people who can't? And just as a matter of principle I feel like they should assist people who make last minute plans due to a deather in the family rather than simple neglect or business reasons.
  2. Delta has the worst customer service, in my opinion. I'm sorry about your experience.
  3. I'm horribly sorry. I cannot remember the name of this book, but it's a memoir of a young woman... it just came out... anyway, she noted that her bereavement fare was like $50 cheaper than the regular airfare...

    I'm very sorry for your DF's loss.
  4. I'm not surprised. You will need to fax them a copy of the death cert to qualify and that will take time for approval. Most airlines will either just give you a discount or allow you to reschedule for free. I'm relating from my recent experience. My condolences.
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm just so tired of airlines. And after having so many bad experiences w/US Airways, I thought maybe I could just switch to Delta.
  6. My BF grandpa died this past summer and we found NO airlines who would give us a significantly lower fare :sad: Thankfully ORBITZ had something cheap otherwise we would of had to pay around 1,000
  7. Bereavement fares are usually 25 or 50 percent less than the full fare so even though there's a big break, it's not as big as a 21 day or bargain/promo fare. Most travellers will agree, travelocity or oribitiz usually offer the best rates (some not even published to the airlines) since they can scan everything and anything out there, even if it meant 3-4 stops or illegal connections that an agent can't book. That was always the best route, even when the bereavement fares were more generous before the oil prices skyrocketed.
  8. Just to let you know most airlines have stopped issuing free tickets for bereavement , even for their VIP members, because people abused the system in the past. To qualify for most discounts or free rescheduling, the deceased has to be an immediate family member and rarely the grandparent, uncle, aunt or cousin or further down the family tree. I'm relating from personal experience.
  9. Actually, I've double/triple checked with Delta and even though their website says they still offer it they don't. I might go ahead and write them a letter about it later since we do use them alot. Our tickets were over $1,000 each from DC to Atlanta. Insane. Sorry you had to go through this too VPT.
  10. I actually had to recently look into this for someone, as they really weren't in the right frame of mind to start booking their travel so I was helping out. We booked through United, it was a bereavement fare however, they only offer a certain number of them and on certain flights. It was like $650 from Chicago to San Francisco last minute which was $1000. So it was a discount, but it wasn't really cheap. I was told they're pretty much phasing them out at a lot of places or having them more limited.
  11. On the other hand, if the demise was caused by the airline company they will definitely extend bereavement tickets to all members of the immediate family to the site of the accident.

    I qualified for a waiver of rescheduling saving me a total of $500 because my dad passed on. However my late dad's cousins didn't qualify because they're not immediate family.
  12. So sorry for your loss and for the situation!