no balny visit for me

  1. hi everyone! missed being on tPF during my trip to nyc!!!

    i'm sad to report that i just got back, and i didn't get to go to BalNY!
    i ended up spending all my time visiting family and friends and going back to old haunts that i missed, which was really awesome.:drinkup:

    but, i did see more b-bags during my trip than i have all year in los angeles. there were tons of fake ones being sold by street stands. while checking in at jfk, i was standing behind a woman with a giant fake black b-bag. the hardware was so :yucky:, and the stuff in her bag was stretching out the plasticy material. it looked worse than pleather! *shudder*

    in a bar, i saw a gal with a black mini b! it was really cute and looks like a great going-out bag if anyone thought it was too small. a great alternative to the first, imho.

    the highlight was when i spotted a girl with a beautiful lilac bag with great mauve undertones. she passed me by so quickly, but i think it was the 04 lilac. really gorgeous in person!:love:
  2. o0o0o0o very cool! I love seeing people with real ones! especially an unusual color like lilac! I've never seen it in person before, bet it was quite a sight!
  3. Despite not going to BalNY, it sounds like you had a fun trip! That's cool that you spotted so many Bbags! I've yet to see someone wearing a Bbag here where I live. Grossy Josie on the fake pleathery plastic stretchy fake that you saw! But, an 04 Lilac sighting---ooooh!:love:
  4. How can you not visit BalNY while you were there??!! :lecture:(sorry, I just wanted an excuse to use this cute smilie :P).

    Sounds like you had fun visiting your family and friends. That's so cool that you get to see all sorts of B-bags real or fake, because I only seen a few at my area. :girlsigh:
  5. irissy, trust me, i wish i had more time!!! if i had been able to escape my family, i would have gone for sure. but NO ONE understands my handbag obsession so it never worked out.:blah:
    lol, i love all these new smilies that appeared when i got back!!! :jammin:
  6. ^LOL, Irissy! That is the cutest smilie!!

    Welcome back, Jennifer!! Glad to hear you had such a nice trip. I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to visit the store, but you can always use it as an excuse to visit another time! :graucho: