No Balenciaga at SONG Vienna anymore?

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  1. I wrote them about Day bbag and they wrote me back:

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial]"Sorry but we dont have the balnciaga in stock anymore!"

    Does that mean that they don´t sell Balenciaga there anymore? I asked them, but they didn´t answear me.

    So I´m confused coz I wanted to go there on Saturday.

  2. ok im 100% sure they still HAVE balenciaga... just check out their page an then click song..
    i guess they mean they dont have the black day anymore (I HOPE or else my last bbag resort here in vienna is gone gaaaasp....)
    i hope u like vienna... if u need some shopping tips or anything else just pm me
  3. I hope they meant day, coz it´s the nearest shop with Bal for me and I would like to see them in person.
    I´m gonna check it tomorrow, since they don´t answearing my e-mails.