No bags for at least 10 days!

  1. Girls, you will not believe this bad luck! In the midst of all these great after XMAS credit card was hijacked by someone in the UK...buying plane tickets, and my company told me I had to cancel my card to be safe... now I can't buy ANYTHING online until I get my new card in 10 days! I am so sad! I was just buying something and then I remembered I can't..hope they keep it in my shopping cart for me. :yucky: Anyone else had this happen?
  2. That happened to me last year at this same time. Someone bought plane tickets to South America and made hotel reservations in Milan, Italy with my Visa card. The CC company was very helpful and credited the account right away. They also sent me my replacement card really quickly. Hope this happens to you too!
  3. This may be a very simple thing to do, but I never ever sign the back of my credit card. Instead, i write, CID. So anyone who gets to handle my credit card must ask me to "see ID". I always show my identification. But maybe yours was hijacked another way. I'm so sorry.
  4. The problem with "CID" is that here most retailers refuse your cards now. I used that for years on my cards and I began to have a hard time using my cards. They want a signature to compare,and with "see ID" it isn't there.:s Although now most retailers compare signatures,so that is good.
  5. Yeah, LVmom, I can see what you mean, but I can always show them the signature on my driver's license to compare. It almost makes you paranoid to use your card. My husband and I hate it when the waitress or waiter takes our card away to process it.

  6. I was just in Europe and discovered that a lot of places were now requiring a PIN # with the CC. Took me by complete surprise since I did not know what mine was - ended up having to use cash a great majority of the time b/c my debit card did not work over there.

    Anyhow - sorry Diamond about the card - I've been hijacked also and it sucks!
  7. OMG that hurts big time
  8. I have "demand ID" on the back of my cards too. It doesn't make a difference, nobody EVER looks at the card. They swipe it and hand it back. Anyone could use it.