No baby yet and I'm dreaming about the bags...


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Mar 2, 2006
Well hubby and I have been trying to have a baby for about 6 months now (I have faith that the time is coming...God is good and in His timing all things will come :love: ) but last night I woke up dreaming about baby bags.
When I was telling hubby about it he thought it was so funny that with all the things to think about I was worried about what bag I would carry as a diaper bag.

Most LV's are out since I recently discovered that I don't like brown on brown and after my dye transfer issue Burberry Nova Check does not seem like an option so ladies what other options are there?
Well I'll know in a couple of weeks if we're going to be 3 but until then I like to be prepared :biggrin: !

Thanks in Advance...
I think it's time! Dreaming about baby bags is God's way of letting you know that. :biggrin: Give LV another look, they have great bags you can use as a diaper bag. Kyliereese uses her Batignolles Horizontal for a diaper bag :biggrin:
Aww, good luck with that! (and have fun;) heehee:P)

I don't know much about designer baby bags (never had a reason to look for one:P ). I do know, howver, that Coach usually makes a couple of baby bags each season, and they come with changing pads. I know some of you guys don't like Coach, but the baby bags usually aren't too logo-y, and it might be better to not spend so much on a bag that could get messy.

Also, you might want to look into getting another, more manly looking diaper bag for your husband to use in case he's ever out alone with the baby.
I saw a pretty red patent Kate Spade baby bag for sale on I'm thinking about buying it for a good friend of mine. It comes with a really cute polka dot changing pad! I know lots of folks here don't love Kate Spade but the price is good ($197 on sale) and it is really cute. I agree you may not want to spend a ton since it may get messy!

A good friend of mine has a burberry plaid diaper bag that is gorgeous! I'll have to ask her where she got it. The nice thing is, it looks manly enough that her husband can carry it too!
Awww goodluck babies are so much fun!

I used a Kate Spade baby bag when Markie was little and I could fit everything in there. Now that he's a running wild toddler, I use a large Coach Hamptons Weekend tote and I'm able to fit extra clothing for him, juice cups, containers with crackers, snacks, meals. I can carry extra stuff for me, water bottle, magazine, wallet, cell, keys, makeup bag, etc. My hubby calls it the Mary Poppins bag becuase it's a bottomless pit. It was still a couple 100 bucks but it's a champ and still very stylish. They are now at the outlets and come in a variety of colors. Here's what my bag looks like only mine is black:

1895_d1.jpg not buy a diaper bag particularly a high end one. I would suggest getting a nice tote instead and buying disposable liners for changing diapers. Really, the only difference is maybe a couple more pockets and the diaper changing liner.

If you are worried about spills and leaks on a nice bag, you are surely going to also worry about spills on a nice diaper bag.

The only diaper bag I would suggest is the Skip Hop for daytrips as it clips nicely onto the stroller and has lots of pockets...but as your child gets older, it will not be enough room for all the toys and snacks.

Another bag I like as a diaper bag is the LeSportsac back pack, it is light, easily washable, plus lots of cute prints to choose from, and it keeps my hands free.

If I were to use by designer bags, I put everything in ziplocs to prevent spills and leakage.

Hope is happens soon for you...just relax and it will happen!
I totally suggest getting a traditional diaper bag. At the beginning you will need lots of pockets and compartments (makes your life easier). Also, the changing mat is helpful when you're out and about.

There's a thread on this topic where I gave suggestions. But my faves are:
Skip Hop
Petunia Picklebottom
Kate Spade
Stork Sak Gigi Tote (I don't have this, but I want one now)
Oh - and good luck to you and hubby! Hope you'll have good news in a few weeks!

I totally feel for you though! Hubby and I tried for 3 years but we finally have our little one (who just turned one!)
Right now, I'm using my coach hamptons weekend diaper bag (from last year) They came out with some new styles this week, in scribble. I absolutely love it, but it took buying a few diaper bags previous to this to finally find the one. I think that it really depends on what type of person you are. At first I had the kate spade quilted medium, but without a zipper a lot of things always fell out when I accidentally bent down. Then I used the kate spade fred, which is a backpack version...for me it was way too small. Then, I had a herve bag. It's big and I dumped everything in it, but I hated that i would always have to dig through the bag because there was no way to organize it. I am probably going to buy another kate spade diaper bag, but one with a zipper closure for my own sanity.
I saw the gucci diaper bag the other day and absolutely loved it. We'll see if hubby will approve of the purchase...
Good luck on your pursuit