No Baby Pink Birkins

  1. Have been into Hermes in New Bond Street, London today asking which leathers a Birkin in Baby/Pale/Rose Pink could be made in ..........answer ONLY other leather.:sad:

    They also have no info regarding anything in the pipeline.:shocked:

    Hope this is of interest as so many like Pale pink:yes:
  2. mantra: i am not saying anything no i am not saying anything ............

  3. Thought you'd like that!!!!!!!!!!!!:angel:
  4. Interesting...pale pink is nice too...wonder why?
  5. :roflmfao: :lol:
  6. Maybe because so many counterifeiters had tried to make pale pink in togo ... I've seen lots of those being sold online.
  7. too funny
  8. Yes, I asked two store managers (from two different boutiques) recently, both said baby pink Birkin can be made ONLY in Croc. I love baby pink! I asked if it could be possible to make it as a special order, both said 'Hermes do not even offer/produce that color leather except in croc.-No exception!' I was little disappointed:sad:. I guess if I want baby pink, I should order in Croc. :hrmm:
  9. You want to know the funny thing? In my Hermes Perfect Book from Japan, the feature several baby pink bags that are not croc......and they're not usually in the business of having fakes in their books......

    I have to admit, with the exception of pale pink in croc, I wouldn't be a big fan of the colour, anyway......BUT the pink in the croc is to die for!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Never in my life I've heard the word *baby pink. Baby pink is not the correct word at all. :huh:

  11. Different sides of the Atlantic have different expressions - pale or rose.
    Whatever you call it doesn't detract from the fact they don't produce the colour!!!!!!!
  12. Lol....don't u know Hermes secret policy? For e.g., Burberry Blue Label can only be found in Japan but not in other countries.

    Tsk, tsk.
  13. Are u saying they don't produce the color at all or only in croc? lilach has ordered one.

    These pics are all from lilach.
    30412-the-infamous-beige-ro.jpg 30414-the-infamous-beige-ro.jpg
  14. That may be the case but Hermes produce out of Paris, are European, and are not likely to be produce for a foreign market in preference to the home market.
    Whilst in New Bond Street I asked about Japan as I had read your recent post and they said pale pink was not produced in any type of leather but croc.
    It is my mother who is after a Birkin for my daughters 21st. Hermes told me that if she bought a pale pink birkin in anything but croc it would be a fake.
    So if you would be so kind as to let me know where in Japan they are selling authentic pale pink Birkins my mother can organise the purchase. Some pictures would be good!!
  15. That is a croc pale pink.

    We all know they sell those it is Togo or Clemence that this discussion is about:Push: