No Authenticity Card With My Spy?

  1. I just now noticed I never received an authenticity card when I bought my Spy from Saks. Are they suppose to have them. Is it a big deal to have them :confused1:. I am curious now since my Baby Spy I just got came with one. Should I call Saks? Your input would be appreciated.
  2. Did you look inside the coin compartment? That's where mine was all the way at the back when I ordered it from elux..
  3. These are[​IMG] the only things that came in a yellow envelope.
  4. Oh! Well..I don't know. Maybe someone else has bought a spy from Saks. That tag should be good enough if you want to sell it later, it says "saks". You could also keep the receipt for authenticity purposes.
  5. The authenticity card is helpful if you want to sell it later, but it's not absolutely essential. Apparently some of the stores in England now are not providing them (not sure why). Saks should have sent it to you, though. I have ordered two spys from them in the last couple months and they both came with auth cards. Not sure if they would be able to dig up the proper one, though. BTW, one of the ones I got was the cherry corded from saks.
  6. Isnt the bag the neatest. I havent used mine yet but I have it sitting where I can oggle (is that the right word LOL) over it every time I walk by. I guess it isnt that big of deal not having the authenticity card, I dont plan on selling it but you never know. But it would be nice to have it. I doubt they could find it.
  7. Yeah you should model them for us! We want to see! I guess you can ask them..but I wouldn't worry if I didn't get it, that tag would be good enough for me.
  8. yeah, i love it. in my top 3 spys, lol.
  9. oh that was you! Yeah I love that pic! beautiful! You should definately wear it
  10. I bought my cognac spy from Galleries Lafayette in Paris. It didn't come with the authenticity card.
  11. Hi, Its true that Saks does not provide authenticity card and only Fendi boutiques and authorized dealers gives them out. I got this information from a friend of mine who purchased a Fendi Spy from them and thats what Saks told her. Btw, nice spy! :supacool:
    Ciao Ciao
  12. Tayina, that's actually not true as I've gotten 2 spys in the last month from Saks online, both of which came with the authenticity card. It might be the policy of some individual stores, though. But it isn't the policy of the entire chain.
  13. Hi Litigatrix, thats so weird. Maybe it differs from stores and I went on saks and chat online with the sales person and she did confirmed that they do not ship the bags with the authenticity cards anymore. Well, lets just hope she's wrong!:confused1:
  14. A lot of stores do not give out these cards now, but when ever I buy a spy I always ask for it and have never been turn down in getting the card. If you would really like the card then ask them for it, their is no reason why they should not give it to you.