No authenticity card and receipt

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  1. Hello all,

    I recently bought a 227 metallic black reissue and got it sent to my friends house in USA (Im from Australia) and she advised me that once she received the package there was no authenticity card or receipt inside. What should I do? This bag was purchased from Chanel store. Would the SA reissue another authenticity card and receipt? Any advice is always welcomed

  2. I am sure you can get another receipt....but not a matching authenticity card. I would call the boutique to see what happended to it. They can give you another card, but not one that matches your serial it is pointless. If you don;t get them, send the bag back. But call them first and tell them that they didn't send the receipt or the card.Maybe they have it somewhere. I personally wouldn't keep the bag without those two items.
  3. ^^ I agree