No Ali in Pond??

  1. I called the 800 number about ordering one, and they advised me that it was discontinued.

    What does this mean? Does it exist anywhere? I have been dreaming (for real) of this bag....
  2. Wow, it hadn't even come out had it? I never actually saw a pic of one. I only saw in the catalog that it said it'd come in pond. I'm glad I got my shoulder bag and didn't wait on the Ali. Wonder if one of our Coach SA's knows anything about it?
  3. i would call again.please let us know the outcome.
  4. I did call back - and the sescond rep said the same thing.
  5. Hmm....... That Cant Be Right ?
  6. Wow! I have the new catalogue and it says the pond will be available for the ali in Feb. I have no idea . . .

    Sprinkles? Ms Whitney?
  7. Call and see if you can find out anything different.....
  8. Ok ! Im Pissy !

    I Was Thinking Of Buying The Ali Pond For My Sister-in-law Bday.

    I Just Called Cust Serv & They Told Me Its Not In Production At All !

    My Sister In Law Bday Is Feb 17 -might Have To Go With Victoria Secrect Gift Card !

    Cha Cha
  9. I am so bummed!
  10. Well, there goes my idea of possibly getting the ali in pond instead of a shoulder bag . . . bummer

    And cha cha - if there's ever an opening in your family, I make a fab in-law (aside from the married part ;)

  11. you crack me up !
  12. AWWW! I was just thinking the other night I wanted the Ali to be my pond bag. :sad: :sad:
  13. So sad there is no Ali in pond, but yippee for me, my hubby took me to the mall tonight, and I ordered the shoulder bag in pond. They said it should be here in 3 to 5 days. I am so excited!!! Everyone's bag in pond where they have posted pictures has been so pretty!!! Glad to be joining the pond club!
  14. right now it's not available to order.

    i am hoping that closer to february things will change. some shoes in the catalog isn't even popping up in inventory as well so we'll see.

    there is a chance it won't appear but the catalog (*one of my customers informed me very "as a matter of fact" lol) says there is an Ali in pond and so far, no email or memo saying it's a typo.

    but we'll see *crosses finger* i will be back at work friday. i'm sure sprinkles can check :smile: but if not i'll let you know what's up.
  15. The way I look at the book, the Legacy Shoulder Bag, the one that is a smaller version of the Ali, will be available in Pond. I don't wee where the Ali will be in Pond.