No.1 Paddy colour

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  1. Chocolate, Bleu Nuit and Craie (in that order!).
  2. No. 1 is definitely Grenat
    No. 2 is Whiskey
  3. tan
  4. My favorite: choco 06 dark, deep rich mousse au chocolat, yummmy
  5. #1 mousse

    But I have black because I got a great deal, oh and I think I would get a mousse filthy
  6. White!! I love white bags its so stunning!!
  7. what an interesting thread!
    i love these colours (not in any specific order): chocolate, nutmeg/muscade, canelle and mais!!

    although i love the canelle colour (i think it looks unique but neutral and goes with everything) i have heard that it has not been all that popular :s
  8. i think nutmeg's cool but i also love mousse!
  9. Whiskey followed closely by cream....
  10. Canelle is my fave and I have one! It's just adorable!:love:

    If I had to choose another I think I'd go for chocolate or one of the metallics with the sparkly padlock - I think it's called a vegas!:drool:
  11. Jade with silver hardware is my dream. One sold on eBay UK a while back.

    I like the subtle colors like canelle and roche. Elephant looks cool but I haven't seen that in person yet.
  12. argent, all the way. But then I just read back through this thread and heard about aubergine, which sounds AMAZING!
  13. i think browns are classic, like the whishey and chocolate. yet, i personally have the cream and love it.
  14. I love the color of Mousse and wanted to hold out for one, but got impatient and bought a black (with grey stitching). Mousse is gorgeous though! :yes:
  15. My fav is blue nuit!!!
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