No.1 Paddy colour

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  1. tan (the first pad i bought), blue nuit, chocolat or grenat if i can get my lil' paws in any of them!!!!
  2. i vote for whiskey. i love, love, love mine.
  3. Galet at the moment, I love it! And there's almost one on the way to me!

    I also like Muscade :smile:
  4. hands down to rouge! craie and whiskey comes next for me
  5. chocolate
  6. Hi, I like whiskey, but also red.
    I wanted to ask you, while chattering about favourit colours, if you've ever seen a yellow chloè paddington... kind of banana yellow, I just saw last month on an auction. Does it exist??
    Sorry if you've already talked about
  7. Agreed...Whiskey...don't know why they don't make anymore. Looks good new or beat up. Very rich color.
  8. There is a yellow color called Jeune--or something like that, but I don't think it was banana yellow--experts can you advise?
  9. thank you! If I see that bag again..:search: I'll post the pictures: it's not easy to describe colours!
  10. Khaki, Mousse and Metallic Navy but then I have these 3 so would have to say that!
  11. Muscade. But I am biased as I now have one, my first ever Paddy! :yahoo:

    I do like the Jeans Moyen and some of the creamy colours too. Oh! and the Rouge - especially 05 :drool:
  12. Yes! It was like this one I'm attaching: what's your opinion about this colour/bag?
    I've still haven't decided between this hobo and the traditional paddy... :confused1:

    Attached Files:

  13. Looking at the picture I was wrong: no banana definitely!! It's more a mustard colour.
  14. Whiskey!
    In your pictures Rere it looks so much as muscade, or am I wrong???? Sometimes it's really difficult for me to make the difference between the 2 colours, I know that whiskey has the orange undertones but in some other pictures I've seen (depending on the light I think) these undertones seem to disappear
  15. You're right and I was thinking that just last night when I was looking at pictures of muscade next to whiskey that someone posted, but the tag said ecureil (which I understand is whiskey). Whatever it is its a beautiful rich color and I get alot more use from it than I thought. Wish I could have all you girls come to a Paddy party and we could lay all these bags and all these gorgeous colors together.
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