No.1 Paddy colour

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  1. Well, this is what a local stockist told me! I think she meant that they were limiting the production of Paddies in chocolat. Which is why I think they now have brun. And is it true they're no longer making whiskey?
  2. My absolute favorite and the reason for my first purchase was the Blue Jeans Moyen. I use it all year with jeans.

    My second choice, is the whiskey. The color is very rich, shows off the bag, and goes with alot of colors!

    I've attached pictures. The family shot is actually a better shot of the color of the Blue Jeans Moyen.

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  3. I love blue nuit!!!! It's absolutely gorgeous on the paddy!!!! :drool:
  4. I love the cream and chocolate, goes with anything. Perfect opposites.
  5. my favorite is the whiskey, the color is so rich!
  6. tan
  7. Chocolate :love:
  8. I think whiskey is the best!
  9. I love the blue nuit some of you lucky ladies have....
    Then I'd have to go with the 2 colors I have -
    Metallic aubergine and mastic
  10. Have now added blanc with rouge on the way!

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  11. My first paddy was a Grenat 05..loved it then still love it today. I have added a 06 chocolate wallet to my collection which I also adore (wanted to get the grenat wallet, couldnt find one so I had to compromise)

    I just love how the colour is so rich and deep looking.

    I woudl have to say that Audreys chocolates get my vote for second and third place!!



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  12. Well, I'll be banal, but Whiskey is my ultimate Paddy! Then comes craie!
  13. :heart: Tan!

    It was what first got me into Chloe! Loved it. Now I have the rouge Edith....aww....Tan and Rouge!
  14. 1)Tan and muscade
    2)Wiskey, taupe, sand
    3)Blanc and craie
  15. All shades of brown and blue :heart:
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