No.1 Paddy colour

Yves St

Nov 15, 2006
As a student my first paddy is going to be a MAJOR purchase, so major that I can't decide what colour to start hunting for as it has to be perfect! That got me thinking that it might be interesting to see

what colour you would all choose if forced to pick just one. This colour can be any authentic paddington colour you like from any season, but you have to choose your ultimate favourite!

So, I'll start and I don't know why I asked this question as it is so hard to pick just one (for me anyway)..I think (88% sure) that my favourite colour would be...Jeans Moyen

N.b I'm a fairly new member to these forums though I have been reading them for a while, so Hi! I look forward to obsessing and admiring with you all :yahoo:
I've never seen Jeans Moyen in person, but that is the color that made me want a chloe. So I'm with you. That's the color I want if I could find an authentic one.
I would say look at the colors that you wear the most and what would look good with those outfits (also take your shoes into account). Also look at your hair and skin color. You want to compliment your best features. I have dark brown hair and green eyes, and wear a fair bit of blue, magenta, green, brown and white. So I chose a chocolate paddington.
All those colours have their own magic. i guess thats why they are all so desirable to us!

For a darker colour I also love the metallic aubergine or navy.
My all time favourite would have to be chocolate 05. It's such a deep, beautiful colour and it goes with absolutely everything. As my second choice it would have to be mousse, whisky or rouge.
:heart: my first (and perhaps only for a while) will be a mousse!

other fave colors are: choco, whiskey, grenat 05, rouge 06, navy w/silver paddy (any of these could end up my second paddy one day!).