NMTwo-Hour Mid Day Dash today!

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  1. Hopefully they will have something good this time, lately there has been nothing great.
  2. nothing yet
  3. I wish it was EASTERN time.
  4. oh it starts in an hour?
  5. Woo hoo! :yahoo: I'm looking forward to (hopefully) something good.

  6. Almost.... haha

    Wow i am a shopping FIEND today!
  7. awww there was nothing I really liked :sad:

    o*well! I wasn't meant to buy anything ;)
  8. well... that was disappointing!
  9. :tdown:
  10. Nope, nothing for me either! To be honest, I'm not even surprised. I rarely find anything on these dashes that I like.
  11. wow that stunk
  12. I'm still getting a blank screen? I don't see anything for the sale. I wasn't meant to get anything, my credit card is happy at least.
  13. LOL. I was sooo refreshing my browser and come to find out there's nothing good! BOO!
  14. boring :oh: