NM's return policy on shoes?

  1. last month, I was shopping at Neimans in SF and purchased Tod's Ballerina Dee (with the cap toe) to replace the shoes i was wearing b/c they were so painful. the shoes felt fine when i was in the store, but after walking for 20 minutes, my left feet was in excruciating pain -- for some reason, the shoe cuts into the bone right below my left big toe (it could just be my feet and not the shoe). i've worn the shoes shopping one more time since then, and i was hobbling after an hour of shopping. needless to say, i will most likely never wear those shoes again. since they weren't exactly cheap and i've only worn them a couple of times, i'm wondering if i could return or exchange them at Neimans. does anyone know of Neiman's return policy on shoes? TIA!
  2. Neiman's return/exchange policy on unworn items is exceptional, but I've never tried to return worn items before. If they show any wear, I doubt they're returnable.
  3. I swear another TPFer had recently posted how she had bought a pair of Pradas (or something similar) and that they were really uncomfortable too after a couple of wears. Hopefully she sees this and can verify, but I thought she was able to take them back.

    Do you have a regular sales associate you shop with? That could always help...

    Good luck and sorry that they didn't work for you! :sad:
  4. I've never had problems, but I also haven't worn the shoes outside of my house/office and then only on carpet. They were basically in brand new condition and it hadn't been very long.

    It isn't like they can resell your obviously worn shoes... Good luck.
  5. Here is my experience with Macy's, don't know about NM: I bought a pair of boots and the lining came off (partially) after 2 wears. I took them to a shoe repair and they told me that they won't be able to glue it back on b/c it's not leather (I had not idea, it looked totally leather to me!) So I went back to Macy's and they took the boots, marked them defective and sent them back to the manufacturer. I would imagine if your shoes have a functional problem like that, NM should take them back.
  6. hmm....i'm not sure if there's actually anything wrong with the shoe, and it really might just be that my foot is shaped weird or something. :shrugs:

    i'm wondering about this b/c i googled this question and found a Neimans SA on men's forum who stated that Neimans would take back worn shoes. i've done this at Nordstroms and they took back the shoe with no questions asked, but then few stores can measure up to Nordie's in terms of customer services.

    maybe i'll try giving Neimans in SF a call and see what they say.
  7. I remember the thread the other poster was talking about. Her Neiman's said to bring them back. Wish I had known it about 3 months ago when I bought some Chanel pumps that cut my foot (it was bleeding when I got home that night).
  8. I recently returned the shoes I wore once outside. They were too big even after me putting in bunch of paddings everywhere, I asked my SA if there are other way to make them fit, since I really liked the shoes(they only came in whole size, so 38 was too small and 39 was too big). She said just bring them back and she'll take care of the returns.