NM's Hermes Boutiques

  1. I've got a NM gift card but no NM with Hermes Boutique nearby. Any know which NM's have an Hermes Boutique and where I might find a Bolide? Or do the NM Hermes Boutiques carry only scarves and small leather goods?
  2. Mine only carries scarves.
  3. Troy, MI...Call them! I have spoken to both Lois and Lisa in the past based on tPFer referral. They are great!!! Last time I called, they had several bolides in various color/leather/HW combinations...
  4. Troy's NM has handbags but they might be waitlisted due to their stock and demand
  5. I bought my bolide by phone from the Troy store - Lois is great!
  6. Yes! Troy Michigan is fabulous! I deal with Lisa Hamlin (248) 635-8442 and Lois is also wonderful!!!

    They have limited stock though. But it is nice to be able to use your gift card on Hermes, and I live only 15 minutes away!~
  7. DC's NM in Mazza Gallerie also has an Hermes boutique. Angelika (I think that is her name) is always very nice to me when I've strolled through, even though I've never purchased anything.