NMLC shoppers - Any MJ updates?

  1. What have you ladies seen out there lately?:confused1::confused1::confused1::graucho:
  2. called NM LC Milpitas, no MJ bags since the grand opening in January of this year!!! How can that be!!! There is a designer event to start April 25...fingers crossed!!!
  3. My NMLC hasn't had new bags in months. :sad:

  4. i was there last month. they had the small ad large MPs and one sophi (i bought the sophia) and some small round coin purses
  5. pink-what color were the MPs?
  6. emerald (old emerald... not the forest green one... more of a yellow grass green)

    off white (not sure didnt look at the tag)

    there may have been pink (but i didnt look too closele so i cant say if it was petunia, etc)
  7. thanks pink!:smile: