NMLC Orlando - lots of Chloe!

  1. Hi ladies - just got back from Neiman Marcus Last Call in Orlando, and here's what Chloe stock they had on hand. If I don't mention a price it's because I didn't see the price for those items. The prices varied, even with the same bag type, depending on color and some mysterious internal pricing scheme, I'm sure.

    5 Edith bowlers - 2 red, 2 cream, 1 green (and the green was STUNNING). The red ones were $747 and the red and cream ones were $830.
    2 Edith tall satchels - chocolate.
    1 Maggie - cream
    3 Betty - 1 large Black for $630, 1 medium and one large in a light grey color (mastic, maybe?). The medium was $920, I think, so pricing among sizes varies too!
    3 chocolate studded Ollies
    3 Tracy - 1 large black and gris/vert for $945 (not sure - it was over $900) but the color of the gris/vert leather on the sides was different than the color on the front. It wasn't as nice as others I've seen. They also had a large Tracy in whiskey with the darker burgundyish trim and a medium Tracy in whiskey.

    They also had some Balenciaga, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Kooba, Mulberry, LOTS of Ferragamo and one Alexander McQueen bag that was absolutely stunning. They really had a good selection. The outlet mall that they're in is under construction and their store is kind of isolated from the rest of the mall, so it was pretty much deserted - so if you are looking for any of the bags I mentioned, call them up! Most of the salespeople weren't busy. :graucho:
  2. Thanks for posting. That's a great selection for an outlet!
  3. I was there a few weeks back and if anyone decides to get a bag, give Sheena Frazer a call at the Outlet (407) 264 2988. She is a fantastic Sales Associate and will send photos as well.
  4. Thanks for the info, I live about an hour away, was just there last week, so they must have some new goodies in. May have to trek over on Friday.;)
  5. I was really tempted by the green Edith bowler, the Bal haircalf First, and the Alexander McQueen.. and there were some awesome Ferragamos (including a fur-covered one). Now that I know this place has a good selection I'll be hitting it up when I have to come here on business. Oh, sorry guys, can't make dinner - I have a meeting. :lol:
  6. Wow, the green Edith sounds gorgeous. :drool: I haven't seen one before, does anyone have a pic?
  7. Thanks for posting! Do you know what type of Balenciaga's they had??
  8. They had one First - the caramel and brown calfhair one (<a href="http://diabro.net/product_info.php/cPath/192_237/products_id/5970">this one on Diabro</a>) for under $500. The rest were non-motorcycle bags and as I'm not familiar with the styles I can't really hazard a guess as to what their names were.

    As for the green Edith - I have it in red, shown here. The green was a really nice dark green, kind of an emerald green. Very similar to the emerald Paddy.
  9. Thanks! Green edith is tempting.:graucho: But I would love it in a messenger or medium satchel.
  10. Last week they had a Whistle bag and I believe a large Hook.