NMLC - international shipping?

  1. Hello!

    I think I have my heart set on tracking down a red Edith and the prices at Neiman Marcus Last Call that I have seen here ($510 for some lucky ones) seem amazing!

    Does anyone know if they ship internationally? Anyone done it?

    I would love to be ready to phone if anyone posts that they have spotted one.

    rebecca :smile:
  2. They do ship international!
  3. Yes they ship to Australia and you can do it via their livechat.

    I used a discount code too!

    They shipped quickly and packed the item well.
  4. Copied this number from a Chloe Shopping thread, dated Oct. 6, they had red and brown Ediths.......(702) 874-2100 [its Neiman Marcus last call in nevada]--ask for the additional 20% Oct. discount, some are honoring it.
  5. If you open up a Neiman Marcus credit card, they will also give you 10% off on your first purchase. I also talked to someone at the NMLC at Great Lakes Crossing, I think, and they had a Red and a Green Edith. I think they were 700 something. Here is there number: (248-745-6868). Good Luck!
  6. Wow, thanks so much for the replies. This is exciting!

    I'm in Perth and there is no IRL shopping here to speak of!

    Off to do some investigation.
  7. Hi Bellacherie ... how do I find livechat? I've searched the sites and can't figure it out. :shame:
  8. Go to the item you are interested in and then click online chat under the 'need help' section on the right.
  9. Thanks Bellacherie. Just spoke to someone via Live Chat ... what an amazingly brilliant service! I am so envious of the facilities available in the US, I can't wait to visit one day.

    I was advised that I need to phone Last Call stores directly in my quest. Now to negotiate the time difference and finding a time to phone when my DP is at work. He would not approve of another bag purchase so I have to get creative. :graucho:

    Thanks again for the tips, you are all wonderful. :love:
  10. OK, just spoke to someone at LC Primm and they had two Ediths - a satchel and a bowler, one $740-something and the other $760-something. I didn't ask about the colours because I'd already told myself I wasn't allowed to buy unless I could get one of those $510 deals. The long-distance phone call didn't help, the poor lady could barely hear me!

    Not to worry, will keep stalking these threads! :yes:
  11. Here's a bag on eBay that can be shipped to Australia. The gals on the Authentication board thinks it's good but want more pictures? Snif this one out and ask the seller lots of questions (Lescoy's thread http://forum.purseblog.com/chloe-shopping/pictures-needed-for-edith-authentication-please-read-193964.html.) This could be a viable possibility without being too much over your budget??

  12. Hi Susie, thanks so much for the tip. :tup: Definitely viable. I have emailed the seller and hopefully will get some more pics soon.

    I wonder if they picked up the bag at NMLC?

  13. That's what I think? OR Last Call in a regular NM or Bergdorf's? Hey you can ask them where they got the bag, fair question IMO.
  14. Hi Cranky:welcome:

    I found a red Edith in Plano Tx today. If it's still there, I was told it was $510. PHONE: 1-972-519-5406. Good Luck!
  15. Hi there, thanks so much for posting this! :heart:

    I will try phoning at 10am Texas time, would that be right? Just need to get my head around the 13-hour time difference!